Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Spanking Ms. Whitman

Spanking Ms. Whitman (Play at Work)


Spanking Ms Whitman. ( Play at Work)
Kate Richards

M/F. Toys.  Spanking

5 star
Sexy cover, lips that beckon and an eye that sees through all!

Miss Mona Whitman is again late for work because she is daydreaming about her boss.  Oh how she would love to have him spank her and do other things to her body.  She is ashamed of her wanton thoughts yet she can not stop.

Randolph Marks is beside himself because he is a very proper self-disciplined employer that has a secret desire to have his way with Mona but she is an employee and that is just not proper.

When she is again late for work he calls her to his office to discuss her tarty behavior.  It is agreed that some form of discipline is in order.  When she suggests spanking he is shocked but delighted beyond belief.  Can he cross that line with an employee?

It is in total mutual agreement that a spanking is in order and they are just getting started when he is interrupted as he has a meeting that he has to go to.  He leaves her with the understanding that this is not finished and will be addressed further after working hours.

The day goes be slowly but finally comes to an end for the working majority.  It is time to resume the earlier agreed spanking.

Reviewer: Victoria Storm

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