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Seductress: The Blog Tour


Erotic Tales of Immortal Desire

Hot as Hell

She’s beautiful. She’s enchanting. She’s your fondest dream and, the morning after, your worst nightmare. She’s sweet and sublimely submissive. She’s powerful and fully in charge. She promises safety but danger lurks in her eyes.

A succubus is a sexual vampire, a shape-shifting temptress who steals the life force from her victim—but what a way to go! Some say she visits her victims in their dreams; others say she seduces them in the flesh. In Seductress, award-winning editor D. L. King has crafted a singularly sexy and mysterious compilation that will have you lying in bed all night wondering who might visit. You’ll enjoy threesomes and moresomes in Evan Mora’s fiendish “Star-Crossed,” which casts Romeo and Juliet as the undead cruising for pretty young lovers through the centuries. “Be careful what you wish for” comes true in Angela Caperton’s tale when “The Sorcerer’s Catch” has the allure of a dominatrix demon lover. We journey down to Hell in Kannan Feng’s enticing story of the Queen of Lust, who captures her most desired prey in “Before a Fall.” Supernaturally sensual and utterly captivating, the fantasy lovers inSeductress will whisk you where you’ve never been before.

With stories by Aurelia T. Evans, Kaysee Renee Robichaud, Elizabeth Brooks, Michael M. Jones, Kannan Feng, V. K. Foxe, Evan Mora, Sasha Bukova, Jay Lawrence, Anya Richards, Nan Andrews, NJ Streitberger, Angela Caperton, J. S. Wayne, Mina Murray, Giselle Renarde, Robin Tiergarten, Cynthia Rayne, Jean Roberta, Elizabeth Thorne and Kate Dominic.

D.L. KING publishes and edits the review site, Erotica Revealed ( She most recently edited the bestsellingCarnal Machines: Steampunk EroticaShe is the author of two novels, The Melinoe Project and The Art of Melinoe. Her work can be found in anthologies such as The Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica, Best Women’s EroticaBest Lesbian EroticaGirl Crazy,FrenzyYes, Ma’am and Yes, Sir. Find her at

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Reviews by Victoria Storm:

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Seductress. Erotic Tales of Immortal Desire

Contemporary. Paranormal
M/F.  F/F.  BDSM.  Anal Play.  Toys.  Voyeurism

5  Star. Nice variety and some unusual takes on the topic.

Aurelia T. Evans
4 star
Devon has his stepfather's Book of Shadows, without permission and has decided to cast a spell to call a winged she-demon.

Jera is summoned and she cannot kill him but she can use him and she does just that.  With her tail she entraps him and explores him and uses his body to please herself.

A Surprise Summons
Kaysee Renee Robichaud
4 star

Konstantin, a 36 year old lonely guy summons a Succubus.  Loreline answers the summons.  She satisfies him and returns to her world.  Ten years later he summons her again.  Again she satisfies his wishes and again she is confused about her own satisfaction.  She finds herself looking forward to his request in another ten years but it doesn't come.  It is fourteen years between this time and they both seem to understand that he has called her because he is ready to die.  She grants is wish.

Succubus, Inc
Elizabeth Brooks
4 star
Lucy runs Succubus, Inc and monitors those that she employs to be sure that they are adequately servicing the customers they are talking to on the phones that they monitor.  She has to deal with a client who is behind on his payments and sets up a contract for him to sign and proceeds to bring him to multiple orgasms and thereby replenishes her staff's energy levels and them helps him complete the terms of his new contract.

In The Service of Hell
Michael M. Jones
4 star
Let's call me Alice for this time around because that is the assignment and it fits.  A girl is on the edge of who she is and who she feels she wants to be and needs help finding herself.  I am more than happy to help and guide her, my pleasure really.

Before A Fall
Kannan Feng
5 star 
Pride and Lust are each trying to prove their superiority when the Queen of Lust joins in the conversation.  The Queen challenges Pride to prove to her how well matched Pride and Lust can be.
She isn't the Queen only by title, she is truly the best around and powerful.

Street Hustle
V. K. Foxe
5 star

Bern watches the dancers and when Lucy comes on he is caught up like everyone else and figures he is playing it cool and will get her in the end.  He watches her with awe and bides his time.
Long after all the dancers are done she comes to him and they agree to leave and pursue things further.  He is more than willing to pay whatever she asks and do whatever she wants.  Oh that tail is so talented and it has its own magic.

Evan Mora
5 star

A unique twist to Romeo and Juliet and how they become immortal and are "living" happily ever after.

Zach's Last Ride
Sasha Bukova
5 star

Zack is a motorcycle daredevil but has been through everything he can think of to challenge himself. He still feels unsettled and is searching for something more.

After a ride one night she appears in his trailer  no name but a knowing promise to give him that unfilled satisfaction.  She disappears and he waits for her and when she does he gladly follows her.

She leads him to a barn and as he enters it is not just an old barn, it is a motorcyclist's wet dream, a shrine to riding.  Leather jackets, racing banners, gloves,boots and other gear hung on the walls like trophies.  As he looks around he finally finds her sprawled on a unique bed lying naked waiting for him.  He has his way with her for awhile then she takes him on a ride that he will come down from.  

Jay Lawrence
5 star

Christian, after a long cold trek thru the forest with fingers and toes that are lightly frostbitten, he marches thru the gloom.  He has a message to deliver.

He comes upon a neglected house and seeks shelter from the cold.  He wakes to find a warm fire and a beautiful woman watching him.  Delphine feeds him and he is wined and dined and in the end he enjoys Delphine as much as she enjoys him.

Minions Have Needs Too
Anya Richards
5 star

Syllabelle strives to please her master, Theodictus.  She shares some of her conquests with him and finally wins his favor and he requests her to please him.  Oh she does but she has learned much thru time and has learned how to gain power too.  Oh yea she has learned well and in the end she overthrows him and she is now his master.  Oh what fun it will be to have the rolls reversed.

Sweet Tooth
Nan Andrews 
5 star

Shelly walked past this old Victorian house every day on her way to work for the past two years.  On this one cold November morning she notices a For Rent sign in the window and she immediately calls and sets up an appointment to see the apartment.

While she and her friend Paula are unpacking they find a drawer in the kitchen that contains an apron and a very old wooden box.  Upon further examination she finds it contains recipe cards for all kinds of desserts.  The girls flip thru and decide Shelly, who doesn't bake or eat sweets, should bake something for a housewarming party.

Her cookies are a big success and she soon discovers that whenever she does bake something from this box of recipes she has fantastic erotic dreams.  Oh what a treasure this box has become.

The Girl on The Egyptian Escalator
M.J. Streitberger
4 star

Spencer is searching for a glass bowl to replace the punch bowl he recently broke.  He heads heads out of the area he has been searching and takes the escalator down to leave when he notices the beautiful woman going up.  She is yelling at her companion and he is just taking it without a word back.  Spencer is mesmerized by her and seeks to find her again.

She finds him and they have the most fantastic sex ever but it goes on and on and she always wants more and more.  When he can no longer keep up with her demands he finds himself going shopping with her and now he is the guy on the up escalator being yelled at when he sees a guy coming down the escalator and he knows exactly what is going to happen next.

The Sorcerer's Catch
Angela Caperton
5 star

Anastasia is summoned by a young wizard. He was smart enough to bind her to his bed and quickly puts gold chains on her arms and legs to secure her to the four corners of his bed.  He wants her to teach him all the things, both lawful and forbidden.  He is determined to bind her to his will.  According to fable if she endures..."seven nights of relentless fucking, tender and savage passion.  Sweat, tongues and finger play, sodomy and painful pleasure.  Dusk till dawn.  If he made her come each night she would be bound to his will for the length of his mortal life.". It is a wonderful dream.

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