Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Rippled by Erin Lark


Ripples aren't just rings on a pond anymore.
Tied to a friendship that should've ended years ago, Brian's torn between destroying the shifter virus—named Ripples because of the way the skin reacts during a shift—and turning a blind eye to Malcom's ridiculous experiments. But when Krista—a delicious brunette—takes a violent turn of her own, Brian will do whatever it takes to keep the virus from going public.
Krista can't remember anything from before she was infected with the virus. Her world revolves around her fear of shifting into a leopard and Brian's intense, blue eyes. Hidden in a camp and imprisoned in her own body, the only thing she wants is to live a life free of electric locks, barbed wire fences and armed guards.
But the more she learns about Brian—who is very much a shifter—and the fragments of life she has left behind, the more intrigued she becomes by the life she’s been given. And if that isn’t enough to make her stay, Brian’s charm, his desire to stop the virus and their sharing a bed are.
Can they survive the virus long enough to destroy it? Or will the Ripples devour them from the inside out?

Erin Larr

Contemporary.  Paranormal
153 pages

Fantastic cover

Brian and Malcom were college roommates and both were into genetics.  They did a thesis on it for class but Malcom carried it further than theory on paper.  Malcom continued research and got funding to do experiments and testing.  Snow leopards were created with dual identities.

Krista was a test subject that changed everything.  Her shift was different and Brian felt a connection to her that couldn't be explained.

Brian having also been injected, against his will, with the virus had total understanding of what she was feeling and helped her thru many difficult times.  Brian taught Krista control, first as his sub and she delighted in pleasing him.  Sex was fantastic!

When testing continued and a woman died Brian knew things had gone too far and had to be stopped.  Malcom had to be stopped and the whole mess had to be destroyed for the safety of all.

5 star

Victoria Storm

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