Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Dryad In Her Pool by Allie Standifer

The Dryad in Her Pool

Drunk on Canadian tree sap, Reece Oak accidentally ends up in Quinn's pool. The next morning proves that—drunk or not—this male dryad has just the right stuff to claim his mate…if he can get her to stop arguing with him long enough to listen.
Determined to show his family and friends his life is fine without an immortal mate, Reece Oak drowns his sorrows in the finest Canadian tree sap a dryad can find. The next morning, he wakes up in a strange bed…face to face with his mate.
Quinn's seen a lot of weird things in her life, but a drunk dryad singing commercial jingles while spouting words of love and devotion takes the cake. Before she can call the men in the white coats, Reece sets out to prove his feelings are as real as his magic.

The Dryad in Her Pool
Allie Standifer

Contemporary.  Paranormal
M/F.  Anal Play

59 pages

Yummy cover
This is funny, fantastic, witty, humorous, sexy and sexual satisfying.

Drunk on Canadian tree sap, Reece, a dryad finds himself floating in a pool.  Naked and at the mercy of a mere human female he tries to put things together.  Is this a joke or what, he questions himself.  He has found his mate!!!

Quinn doesn't know what to make of Reece but one touch of his lips and she finds herself deeper and deeper in a sexual fog.

The night is spent in passion, the likes of which Quinn has never known.  She cannot stop herself from more and more of Reece.  Reece is overwhelmed by Quinn and cannot get enough of her.  They spend the entire night exploring each other and finding climax after climax does little to cool things down, one touch and they seem to start all over.

The new day brings things to another complex situation for all.  Reece is sober and Quinn has trees growing in her house.

5 star - Witt and humor
5 star - Sexual  exploration and satisfaction
5 star - Tears from laughter
1 star - Too short

If you have any doubt about my impression of this book let me say IT'S. FABULOUS.

Reviewer: Victoria Storm

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