Monday, January 28, 2013

Reluctant Surrender: Riley Murphy

Reluctant Surrender

Ellora's Cave

Reluctant Surrender
Riley Murphy

BDSM. M/F.  Spanking.  Toys.  Voyeurism

260 pages

5 STARS. LOVED the BDSM tapas!!!

Colin is an events photographer that has been hired to cover a BDSM pre-opening event.  It is an event that is being held prior to their grand opening and they desperately need some good feed back because the club is taking some heavy heat trying to close them down.  Colin is a very respected individual and has a blog that is far reaching and powerful and the club wants and needs her support.

Ethan is drawn to her for some unknown reason and as a Dom he senses that she is a Sub even though he senses her reluctance to acknowledge it herself.  He sets out to awaken her very deeply buried desires.

Oh he is good, he is not known as The Hypnotist for no reason.

Due to circumstances that get out of control during the pre-opening event Colin is put in a position that requires her to give Ethan 10 days of her time totally before she forms her opinion of the club for herself and her blog fans.

Her 10 days not only open her eyes about Ethan and the club but through a lot of effort on Ethan's part she learns a lot about herself.  She finally faces who was and is and knows she can face anything that comes her way.

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