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Love Spanks 2014

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Greetings Spankers! Welcome to the first peek at my new spanking story "As You Wish."

We meet Marlee as she walks down the hall with her lovely and alluring new boss Madeline.

“This door is kept closed for a reason. Do not enter. Otherwise, I expect you to follow the cleaning schedule Josephine will bring to you later.” Her new employer gave her a pointed stare.
“Yes Ma’am.” Marlee peered at the door, warmth coiling in her insides. Was it some kind of dungeon? Delicious anticipation warred within her. Obey and keep the job or find out what was behind the secret door and fulfill her very eager curiosity?
“Now, Josephine will show you to your room. Dinner for staff is at six promptly in the kitchen. See that you are not late. Cook is not fond of tardiness and neither am I.”
“Yes Ma’am.”
Josephine appeared, neat and trim in her maid’s uniform. Hair swept back in a severe bun, she held out her hand. “If you please follow me. Your room is this way.”
Madeline smiled and returned to her study, leaving Marlee to follow the shapely form of the maid.

Snapping back to reality, Marlee eyed the closed door down the hall. Since she had been here, the room and her very sexy employer were all she could think about. Mindless housework gave her plenty of opportunity. This time of day the house was still. Josephine would be up on the third floor running the vacuum, so there was no one about to see her if she just took a peek. A quick look to quench her burning curiosity.

Satisfied that the spot was clean, she placed the cleaning supplies back in the carrier. She would be back in her room before anyone noticed. Simple.

Brushing off her jeans, she walked in front of the door. The brass doorknob gleamed in the half light and before she could change her mind, she twisted the knob to see if it was open. It moved freely in her hand, slowly opening to reveal the room beyond.

Marlee took a step inside. It looked just like any other bedroom you would expect to see in home of this size and caliber. Dark cherry wood furniture lined the walls. A king sized poster bed took center stage in the middle of the room. Diaphanous drapes lined the windows, giving the room a dream like appearance. The comforter on the bed was a deep burgundy red. Piled with pillows, Marlee wanted nothing more than to crawl on top of it and just lay there. Stepping closer to the bed, she glanced up. Large metal rings hung from the posters on the bed.
“Now that’s odd.”

Tilting her head, she let her eyes roam the rest of the room. What else was hiding in this “normal” looking bedroom? Dressers and wardrobes were the obvious place to hide things and there they were, lined up along the walls. But the door at the back of the room-that could hold anything.

Marlee approached, swallowing nervously. Was she ready for what was inside?
“What do you think you’re doing?”

Marlee’s hand jerked from the doorknob. She swung around and was confronted by an angry vision of her employer wearing little more than a leather bustier, a thong and a very sexy pair of four inch heels.

“I…um…” Marlee smoothed her hands down the fabric of her jeans. Oh shit.
“You were warned not to come into this room. Was I not clear about this?” Madeline approached, irritation snapping in her eyes. “I should make you stand over that bed and give you a good spanking.”

Despite her fear, Marlee was transfixed. Madeline was breathtaking. The leather corset cinched her waist tightly, forcing her breasts to nearly spill over. The creamy flesh was luminous in the soft lighting of the room. Madeline’s legs went on forever, but what held Marlee’s attention the most was the tiny scrap of black lace covering the apex between her thighs.

“Yes. I think I will. What do you think about that?”

Letting out a moan, Marlee knelt on the floor. Shaking with fear and anticipation, she lowered her eyes to the carpet.

“What are you doing? Get up.” Madeline scoffed. “You have two choices. Either leave this room and find yourself another position or stand up, remove your clothing and lay yourself across the bed while I decide what to do with you.”


“No.” She barked, her eyes blazing into Marlee’s. “You will call me Mistress and nothing else. As long as we are in this room, you will play by my rules. I will remind you that you have already broken two of them.”

Marlee struggled to keep her shaking legs under control and stood up. “Two rules?”
“I told you not to enter this room, which you did. I also told you your two options. You will not argue, nor will you question me. Is that clear?” Madeline growled, her voice a blend of velvet and absinthe that crept down Marlee’s spine like liquid sin.

Stepping toward the bed, Marlee unbuttoned her blouse with shaking fingers. Kicking off her clogs, she let the top slide from her arms and onto the floor. Unbuttoning her jeans, she shucked them off and kicked them off, letting them fall haphazardly as they would. She turned to meet Madeline’s gaze.

“You aren’t done.”


“My how our count is growing. Did I not say take it all off?” Madeline stepped forward, eyes narrowing in displeasure.

“Yes Madeline…er…Mistress.” Marlee swallowed and reached to unclasp the simple cotton bra, letting it fall to where the rest of her clothes lay on the carpet. Sliding the pink cotton panties over her hips, she stepped out of them, leaving her completely nude.

“Good. Now, over the bed. I want to see that heart shaped ass turn a little red to match the decor.”

Marlee blushed, heat rising furiously to her face. Moisture pooled between her thighs as she thought about her new Mistress seeing her naked. Mistress. How strange that it seemed normal. Hadn’t she always dreamed of this moment? Well, maybe not exactly as it was unfolding, but to have the untouchable Madeline spank her just once would last her a lifetime if need be. Marlee laid herself across the edge of the bed as instructed. She heard movement behind her and what sounded like a drawer opening and closing.

“Ah. I have the perfect little toy that is going to remind you not to disobey me again.” A whistling sound filled the air. “You will count with me after each blow and thank me or we will start all over. Understood?”
“Yes Mistress.”

“Good. We begin.”

to be continued...

About me:

Erzabet Bishop has been crafting stories since she could pound keys on her parent’s old typewriter. She has only just learned that it is a whole lot more fun writing naughty books. She is a contributing author to the Silk Words website, A Christmas To Remember, Sweat, When the Clock Strikes Thirteen, Unbound Box, Milk & Cookies & Handcuffs, Holidays in Hell, Corset Magazine: Sex Around the World Issue and Man vs. Machine: The Sex Toy Issue, Smut by the Sea Volume 2, Hell Whore Volume 2, Can’t Get Enough (upcoming, Cleis), Slave Girls (upcoming, Cleis), The Big Book of Submission (upcoming Cleis), Hungry for More (upcoming Cleis), Gratis II (upcoming), Anything She Wants, Dirty Little Numbers, Kink-E magazine, Coming Together: Girl on Girl, Shifters and Coming Together: Hungry for Love among others. She is the author of  Lipstick (upcoming), Dinner Date, Tethered, Sigil Fire (coming from Ylva in 2014), The Erotic Pagans Series: Beltane Fires, Samhain Shadows and Yuletide Temptation. She lives in Texas with her husband, furry children and can often be found lurking in local bookstores. She loves to bake, make naughty crochet projects and watch monster movies.

Follow her reviews and posts on Twitter @erzabetbishop.

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Discussion questions:

Answer one or all of the questions to be eligible to enter for all the great prizes!

What do you think should happen to such a naughty housekeeper?

How would you treat someone who snooped in your private things?

What are your favorite kinds of spanking stories?

For a complete list of participating authors, please click here.


  1. Metal rings, leather corset and a heart-shaped ass (perfect for Valentine's Day)! These are my favorite spanking stories! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi, Erzabet. Madeline devised a perfect set-up to bait the curious! Lol!

    What do you think should happen to such a naughty housekeeper?
    Oh, I think you have her punishment covered exceptionally well. Madeline seems to know exactly what she is about!

    How would you treat someone who snooped in your private things?
    Tar and feather? Lock in the stocks? Public flogging? Lol!

    What are your favorite kinds of spanking stories?
    I simply like richly woven stories and plausible scenarios. It's great to have an unexpected event crop up, just as it is delicious to have anticipation build toward a climactic scene.

    Thanks for letting us peek into Madeline's off-limits room along with Marlee!

    Irishey - VIP Amb (FF - considering it)
    irisheysisle @ gmail .com

  3. What is more tempting than a closed door that you are told not to open?????? This would capture anyone's interest. Well done!! My favorite kinds of spanking stories are always domestic discipline stories but I enjoy reading any story that is well written. Thank you for the great entertainment!!

  4. Ohh lala.. i definitely want to read the rest of that scene! I think Marlee is getting what she has always wanted! My favorite kinds of spanking stories are usually M/f Domestic discipline books :)

  5. What a great snippet, I will have to watch for your book! I enjoy reading all types of spanking stories when they are well written.

    SH VIP
    shavro6 @

  6. Well the naughty maid deserved a spanking, I would sack a maid who snooped and my favourite spanking stories are big strong man naughty and feisty woman :)

    Amb x

  7. A naughty housekeeper should always be spanked. I tend to be more of a submissive type so unfortunately I probably wouldn't do anything if someone snooped through my things, other than to say "you shouldn't do that." My favorite type of spanking stories are usually M/f domestic discipline, but I read all types.

    Kelsey Summer

  8. Wow, Erzabet. I suppose Marlee knew what she risked when she entered the room, though I don't think she expected Madeline was a Dominatrix. Even so, it would appear this is a fantasy come true for her.

  9. Thanks for the excerpt, Marlee should definitely receive her spanking. In a perfect world Hugh Jackman would be caught snooping in my things and he would then offer to be my personal sex slave for as long as I deemed necessary to make up for his crime lol. My favorite spanking scenes are the hot ones, bare bottom, hand to skin, with orgasm denial if the person is being punished.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. What do you think should happen to such a naughty housekeeper?
    As the old saying goes, curiosity earns a cat (of nine tails, of course). AMB

  12. Erzabet, what a delightful tale of naughtiness and teaching that naughty girl a lesson. I can't wait to see what happens Little Miss Snoop. As for me, I'd love to paddle any girl who went into my private things. Wait, that was supposed to be a deterrent. :)

  13. I think that what happened was well and truly deserved,

  14. The little naughty maid is getting what she deserves for breaking the rules. I love stories with a strong, no nonsense, but loving disciplinarian.

  15. Oh wow, that's hot *fans self* She definitely deserves a spanking. My favorite spanking stories usually involve a paddle or hand ;) I'm not much a flogger fan myself.

  16. I think that Madeline set her up by telling her not to go into that room. I think she was hoping she would. I wouldn't be happy about anyone snooping in my things. I probably wouldn't invite them to my house again. My favorite spanking stories are M/f. Though I am coming to appreciate BDSM stories as well.

  17. Delightful!!! I think she should be leather...not yet...too sensuous....My private things being invaded, a letter of apology written while sitting on a bright red bottom.
    My favorite stories have characters that i want to learn more about, stories that i can imagine myself my fantasies.
    hugs abby amb

  18. Okay, I am hooked. Loved this snippet. Marlee was definitely setup but she choose to enter that room. Madeline appears to have handling her naughtiness down pat. I like D/s, ageplay and DD type spanking stories. Anything that involves a happy ending and love. Thanks

  19. NO NO NO!!! Don't stop more please! OMG I ❤️this story! I can't wait to read the rest of it. I could perfectly imagine the room and the mistress in the corset & being the naughty girl who goes in the room she is not suppose to. I love these type of stories. Live reading Ds stories I also like age play but not extreme. If someone wants to snoop let them I don't care.

    Sassytwatter VIP

  20. Wow that was hot but whyyy did you stop poty face lol Great Job thanks
    I think a spanking is the perfect thing for such naughtiness, I like reading
    spanking mystery and/or romance

    1. Aughhh Pouty not poty opps lol

  21. Awesome start to story.
    I think that naughty housekeepers should always be spanked for their naughtiness. My favorite kind of spanking story include strong men typically cowboys! Who doesn't dream of them!

  22. Hot excerpt! Anyone caught snooping should definitely get punished. My favorite spanking stories are any older woman/younger woman pairings.

  23. Hey Erzabet...thanks for a very hot snippet! What do I think should happen to such a naughty housekeeper? I do believe Mistress has started out on the right path...she definitely needs a very red bottom and then possibly have that bottom on display to the rest of the staff as an example. ;)

    Cat VIP Amb
    catsbrighteyes at

  24. Wonderful snippet! I think the naughty maid deserves a sound spanking ... and I do believe they are both getting what they want :) Definitely looking forward to more of this story!


  25. I love the naughtiness of this story. Awesome!

  26. Enticing snippet you wrote.
    What do you think should happen to such a naughty housekeeper? This naughty housekeeper has probably found herself a new position as the sub who is now the maid of that room only.
    How would you treat someone who snooped in your private things?
    Depends on who it is and what they found. I really hate having to hide anything and I expect people to respect my privacy.
    What are your favorite kinds of spanking stories? It is hard to choose. The more I read different genres the more difficult it is to pick just one. I have a thing for cowboys though.

  27. Yum nice set up. Anyway I love any well written story that catches my interest. I think anyone who's caught snooping where they were told to stay away from should be given a,too sore to sit down botty and it should remain sore for days to come.

    1. Oops it didn't ask for my info keeps wanting a stupid Google account. Anyway I'm kitty or kitty_ranma at

  28. I think the punishment should fit the crime. so looking through private things, especially spanking related- Curiosity should be met with a practical demonstration of their use to make a nice sore posterior.....

  29. What a build up! Great work! I think that my favorite spanking stories would have to include something out of the usual. Strange settings, different time and of course a great build up. Thanks for sharing! Amb

  30. How would you treat someone who snooped in your private things?

    I suppose I would just lock my things away. Unless, of course, I wanted to catch someone snooping, especially if it resulted in such a sexy confrontation.

    This was one sexy passage. The maid's apprehension juxtaposed against her employer's sexy confidence heightened the eroticism. Well done!

  31. Great scene. She chose to enter the room, now she must choose to either obey or leave, tough choice.


  32. A good extract and I think she will get what she deserves and probably get invited to return to the room again.
    I like stories that have a good plot and are interesting

  33. Oh dear, poor Marlee! If someone went through my private things... I'd sit them down and tell them everything they don't want to know and then flash them with a neuralyzer like in Men in Black :)

  34. Let the punishment fit the crime! Curiosity kills the cat, and satisfaction will bring them back. Let the spankings begin!

  35. Oh my, that was just so hot. And what a place to leave off, I think we should spank you for that :D

    1. Do you promise? *waggles eyebrows* and hides behind large sofa. )

  36. Wonderful! I want more! She should definitely get a spanking for her behavior. I don't think I could be the one giving the spanking though.

    ~Jessica FF participating author

  37. Oh! Now I'm hot and bothered. Fantastically sexy writing, Erzabet - I loved every moment and can't wait to read more.

    What do you think should happen to such a naughty housekeeper? Exactly what I suspect is about to happen to her! She is going to be very, very sorry (in a very, very nice way) that she disobeyed her Mistress.

    How would you treat someone who snooped in your private things? In my dreams, like Madeline treats Marlee. In reality, I'd shout at them.

    What are your favorite kinds of spanking stories? Ones that drip with anticipation and unashamedly erotic sensuality. Ones like this!

  38. Gulp (in a good way ;) ) What a perfect way to warm up on this cold day! I think Marlee was determined to see what was on the other side of the door regardless of the warning Madeline gave her, or was it because of the warning Madeline gave her? :D
    As far as my favorite kind of spanking stories? Any and all spanking stories that allow me to put myself in someone like Marlee's place... I'm looking forward to reading more more more!!! <3
    Joanne xox

  39. Wow what a naughty little excerpt! Anytime someone says this room is off limit's of course that would me more curious and go and take a peek! I think "Mistress" wanted her to take a peak so she could punish her! Thanks for sharing!

  40. Thanks everyone. I am so glad you liked the story. :) It is a work in progress and should be going out to the publisher before the April you should be seeing the whole enchilada soon.

    Marlee and Madeline wouldn't have it any other way.

    Happy Love Spanks!

    Erzabet Bishop

  41. Great piece Erzabet!!! I'm thinking that Marlee is in over her head- I mean bottom!! Someone needs a little spanking for being nosy. I enjoyed this! Thanks for writing!

    Katie T
    VIP Amb

  42. Loved this! Marlee is getting exactly what she deserves...the naughty lady!
    Hmmmm what would I do to someone who snooped in my drawers....? LOL
    Probably find me a wooden spoon! Nah...I am too nice.

  43. Would talk to the person about why they snooped; wouldn't be happy

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  44. I'm trying to think what would make a whistling sound, since we have things like that. I think she will stay there and take her punishment and have her Mistress Madeline.

    Jolynn tried to comment on some of the blogs on the Chromebook and her comments disappeared. She read your story and I'm being her stand-in. Jolynn's answer to the story wouldn't be the same as mine though.

  45. What a wonderful snippet, Erzabet, I can't wait to read the rest of the story.

    As for your questions:

    1. What do you think should happen to such a naughty housekeeper?
    She should definitely receive that spanking she is about to get, and she should find out first hand the purpose of those metal rings attached to the bed.

    2. How would you treat someone who snooped in your private things?
    I would be truly pissed off and if the material was sensitive enough like financial information I would get the authorities involved.

    3. What are your favorite kinds of spanking stories?
    I like spanking stories which are actually stories containing a plot and vivid characters, and not just a group of spanking scenarios strung together on the flimsiest of hooks.


  46. WOW, this was such a tease... I love it!
    I think the naughty housekeeper should be gagged until she can prove herself to be quiet and just obey... she seems almost too eager to get the spanking, not sure if I would let her get away with that

  47. I love how perfectly she was set up. Who can resist a door that is forbidden? In the real world I would be upset if someone invaded my privacy, but in your world I of course think she ought to be punished good and proper. Bring on the discipline. More please.

  48. I like spanking stories that feel real to me, where the characters have jobs and lives, friends and family, their relationship has context, and they have an emotional connection beyond the sex. I can't get into stories where there's nothing going on but the sex.

  49. EB: What do you think should happen to such a naughty housekeeper?

    MG: I thought the same thing a Michael. She need to find out what those metal rings are all about.

    I want to read more!


  50. This was great. In answer to your questions - I think that the naughty housekeeper was getting exactly what she deserved, I love M/f stories best but lately I have been reading M/m stories and finding that they surely get my motor running and finally, if someone snooped in my personal things I would have to find my heretofore absent Mistress persona and whoop some butt!

  51. That was good! What a naughty housekeeper! She definitely had that coming! And i think she should have more than one! :) Maybe one spanking a night for a week. To tell ya the truth, if i caught someone, id be pissed and theyd get tossed out the house! lol Thank you for sharing! That was really good! Cant wait to see where you go with the story!

  52. ugh I was sure I had replied :( but I loved this. Marguerite was excellent throughout

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