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Sin & Seduction

A Limited Edition Spicy Paranormal


Contemporary Romance Collection

Get ready for a passionate and exhilarating ride!
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Featuring New York Times, USA Today, and International bestselling authors, Sin & Seduction is a spicy, diverse collection of paranormal & contemporary, hetero & same sex romance reads designed to ignite fires of passion, love, and romance.

Bursting with sexy-as-sin heroes & devilish heroines, our titillating & romantic tales will seduce you and leave you craving more. Get ready for a passionate and exhilarating ride!

Warning: The Sin & Seduction authors suggest all readers ensure snacks and cool drinks are obtained before starting this collection. Once you start, you won't want to stop until the last page.

Sedona Vanez ~~~ His

Follow this strong woman as she tests her sexual boundaries with her hot Dom billionaire boss..
His is a spin off of Sedona Venez' Dirty Secrets series.

I watched the subtle sway of Jayla’s curvy hips as she walked out the door, fancy drink in hand. She wore the same formfitting black pencil skirts and white blouses every day, and her black hair was always pulled back into a no-nonsense bun. Her makeup was consistently professionally done but low-key, the buttons on her blouses were always completely done up so as not to show a hint of cleavage, and she always wore panty hose over those long legs of hers despite the sweltering heat that was summer. Which was a shame because the woman had legs like a racehorse—long, muscular, and defined.
Jayla West was trouble, and she was just my type of woman. Now all I could think about was fucking her so hard she would taste my cock in the back of her throat.
Shit. How the hell did I let it go so far?
I’d known I was fucked when I watched her stroll into the office building her first day of work at Holland Enterprises. Her body moved like a panther—sexy and determined.
She was tall and voluptuous, with curves that cried out to be caressed. In a matter of minutes, she’d shattered my control. It had taken every bit of self-restraint not to back her into a dark corner, pull up her dress, and fuck the shit out of her.
I’d been obsessed with her bombshell body since that day. She was one of the most stunning women I’d laid eyes on. I’d memorized her every feature, from her sienna-hued skin, full, bow-shaped lips, to her tilted nose.
But I was the president and owner of Holland Enterprises, making me her boss. So, my fixation on her was totally inappropriate, especially when she hadn’t shown a bit of sexual interest in me, or so I’d thought…up until recently.
She was always very quiet, unassuming, and wouldn’t look me in the eye if she could help it. Our conversations were always brief, and she never tried to engage me in small talk. If it weren’t for the surreptitious glances she would send my way when she thought I wasn’t looking, I would swear she swung the other way. 

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