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Swift's Temptation Blog Tour and Giveaway

Author: J.R. Loveless
Title:  Swift’s Temptation
Publisher:  Torquere Press
Cover Artist:
Release Date:  2/17/16
Pairing: M/M
Length: 73K Words
Categories: Contemporary, M/M Romance

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Small town farm boy Fagan Swift moves to New York City to escape the suffocating confines of his hometown and, after nine months of job searching, stumbles on a well-paying position at an escort agency. Once there, he meets the most arrogant, infuriating man he’s ever known, Xavier James. The sparks fly from the very moment they meet, igniting a fire between the two men that blazes out of control.

Too much champagne at the company Christmas party finds Fagan waking up in a stranger’s hotel room. Only his hangover is the least of his worries when he finds that the stranger is none other than Xavier, and a call from his best friend, Trinity, sends him winging towards home when his father ends up in the hospital. Blackmail and lust follow swiftly on Fagan’s heels and he has no choice but to give into Xavier’s demands to be his lover. His father’s life depends on it. Can Fagan survive long enough to untangle the web of blackmail Xavier has woven around him or will it drag his soul down into the darkness threatening to consume him?   Previously published by Silver Publishing.


Let me start by introducing myself. I am Fagan Swift, born and raised on a small farm in rural Iowa. Every morning I would have to get up to milk a cow or feed the chickens. Nothing ever happened in that boring little town, so I moved to this exciting place called New York City about nine months ago with my best friend Trinity. We’ve been friends since kindergarten and both hold the same opinion of our hometown. She developed a crush on me in the ninth grade, but alas, to her consternation and dismay, I’m gay. Yes, my name is unusual and I know you’re thinking ‘a fag named Fagan, how ludicrous’, but my mother wanted to name me after her grandfather, who raised her after her parents passed. And there was no possible way for her to know I would turn out to be gay. After I came out to my classmates, my given name certainly took on a whole new meaning for them.

Trinity eventually got over me and moved on. We are now roommates together in a small two-bedroom apartment overlooking a huge park.

They’re right about how this city never sleeps! You can hear sounds from every direction at any time of the night. The first night here, neither of us could sleep for all the noise, but now, nine months later, we don’t even hear it. I’m twenty-four years old with blonde shaggy hair that pisses me off all of the time because it’s always falling into my eyes. I constantly threaten to cut my hair off and Trinity constantly threatens to kick my ass. She says it looks sexier longer rather than shorter. I am six-foot-two and I have what Trinity dubs ‘foamy sea green’ eyes. My body is pretty much in shape from all the heavy hauling I used to do on the farm, and of course, tan from all the labor in the sun.

Like I said, I couldn’t take living in that small town anymore. Not only am I gay, but I also want to be an artist. My dad was pretty pissed off the day I told him I was going to the city and he has never really forgiven me for not wanting to be a farmer like him. Let me not even go there with the whole gay factor.

I am currently standing in the middle of the sidewalk in front of where I work. I can’t believe what I have been doing for the last six months. You would never guess in a million years what a farm boy like me does for a living. I work for an escort service! Don’t go freaking out just yet. My job isn’t one of those escort services you hear about, since I’m not required to have sex with the women that come through the agency. Some of the other escorts do by choice, but I had explained to the owner early on that I was gay and he’d been fine with it. Victor Harrison is the greatest boss I have ever had. He is breathtakingly gorgeous, but alas, straight.

The job had fallen into my lap. Literally! Six months ago, give or take a few days, I was sitting outside a small café enjoying my coffee and scanning the classifieds yet again. I had already had six different jobs but none of them suited me. I would either get fired or quit after a few weeks of being treated like shit. Anyway, my cup was sitting on the table while I was circling an ad with potential when there was loud barking. A man shouted and suddenly a dog was in my lap, coffee flying everywhere. I sat there stunned, looking at this two-ton gorilla sitting on me.

“What the hell!” I exclaimed just as the gorilla decided to clean the coffee off my face. I spluttered and gagged when its tongue accidentally slipped inside my mouth because my lips were open. Disgusting!

“Hercules! Get off of him! Now!”

The dog whined and leapt off my lap to sit beside me, wagging his tail. It was a huge Saint Bernard. In New York City! How inappropriate is that?

I looked up and suddenly found the most gorgeous man standing there with an apologetic expression on his face. “I’m so sorry. He gets excited sometimes, and tends to run away from me. I’m Victor Harrison.”

He was about an inch or so taller than me, with shoulder-length dark brown hair, wire-framed glasses, and gleaming bright blue eyes. I felt myself begin to drool and wiped my lips. “Fagan Swift. That’s all right. I’m kind of used to large animals.” I laughed and gestured for him to sit.

“At least let me buy you a cup of coffee to replace the one Hercules spilled,” Victor offered, motioning to the pretty waitress standing a few feet away.

“It’s fine. I was almost finished anyway.” I stood up with a sigh as I looked at my coffee splattered clothing and the newspaper on the table.

“Hercules, I oughta make a carpet out of you!” When Victor saw the classifieds sitting open on the table he asked, “Are you looking for a job?”

His eyes ran over my body in an intense perusal I could feel straight to my bones. Those blue eyes were sliding down my legs and back up again to my face. I almost fainted from the lust that shot through me. Down, boy, I barked at myself mentally. He’s probably straight.

“Well, yeah. Kind of. Why?” I raised a hand to brush my hair away from my eyes and then rub sheepishly at the back of my neck.

“I run a service that you look like you could be perfect for. Would you be interested?”

“That depends. What kind of service?” I was suspicious at first. You never know exactly what someone’s offering, especially after the way the guy checked me out.

“Why don’t you walk with me back to my office? I’ll explain it to you once we get there.” Victor handed the waitress a twenty and grabbed Hercules’ leash to lead him away. He stopped to smile back over his shoulder. “Come on.”

I trailed behind slightly, my eyes straying to the hard ass rippling beneath his slacks. I couldn’t help myself. He was made like a god! We walked for a few blocks while he asked me questions about why I had come to live in the city. I explained about the small town and how I just couldn’t take living there anymore with how isolated it felt. He understood, to my surprise, because he was also from a small town in South Dakota.

A few blocks later, we stood in front of a huge building with a sign at the top in big red letters stating, “Temptation”. My eyes widened as I took in the impressive structure before me. I looked at him questioningly and he motioned for me to follow him inside.

Author Bio
J.R. Loveless is a native Floridian who spends her days in an office physically but mentally is frolicking between the pages of her imagination. Writing has been a lifelong passion that escaped from her in the midst of life until she discovered Yaoi. After following breadcrumbs of the anime style, she discovered a forum dedicated to the world of Yaoi. Inspired, she tried her own hand at M/M romances, spending hours building worlds of her own with the newfound support of other forum members. She can never write enough of the electrifying emotions that blaze across the hearts and souls of her characters.
She is a self-confessed Dr. Who addict with a spastic dog and a neurotic cat for companions on her long journey through the many chapters of her life. One day she hopes to visit far off places and have grand adventures like those of the characters in her stories.
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