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My Wicked Masters Excerpt Tour

My Wicked Masters 
Club Wicked #4

Rhiannon Mirga, known as Goddess at Club Wicked, has a reputation for being a beautiful and unapproachable ice princess. But beneath her hard exterior beats the tender heart of a submissive who yearns for a Master love despite a nightmare past that makes it hard for her to trust anyone. For Rhiannon there are only two men that can help her overcome her fear, the club’s incredibly sexy trainers, Master Rory and Master Liam.

Unfortunately, after a long history Rory and Liam are on the verge of parting ways, driven apart by Liam's refusal to accept Rory's love as anything more than friendship. Despite their own issues, the men find they cannot refuse her plea for help and together they embark on a training session like no other where the Masters are the ones who learn the true meaning of love and surrender.

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Excerpt from ‘My Wicked Masters(Club Wicked, #4)

Rhiannon forced herself to open the door and step through into the school-themed playroom at Club Wicked.

Her heels hit the polished wood floors with a decisive click that made her Masters look up from where they were standing at the front of the mock classroom. On either side of her two rows of school desks lined the aisle. Directly before her Master Rory stood behind a podium, dressed in an impeccable gray three-piece suit. He also wore a pair of glasses with thin silver frames. The color set off the coldness in his gaze. A delighted shiver went through her.

She’d tried to role-play with one of her ex-boyfriends. It just seemed like Fred dressed as Superman in bed with her, not Superman himself. That wasn’t going to be the case with Rory. He held himself differently now, and there was a dismissive turn to his generous lips that made him seem more imposing, more stern than usual.

Master Liam had exchanged his leather kilt for a plaid one that matched her plaid skirt. He wore a white button-down shirt and a black suit jacket over it. The suit jacket had a patch of some kind on it, and as she sauntered down the aisle toward them, she could make out the words Club Wicked Training Academy on it.

“How good of you to finally join us, Ms. Rhiannon,” Master Rory said as he studied her from the other side of the podium.

She slouched against the side of one desk and crossed her legs slowly, making sure each man was looking as she shifted enough to almost give them a hint of her sex. “Sorry. Had stuff to do.”

Master Liam slammed his hand down on the desk. “We are here as a favor to you. Without our tutoring, you will fail your biology exam on the human anatomy. I will not tolerate such disrespect from a student.”

Blinking rapidly, she tried to force her mind to think about something other than the kinky things they could do with a class like that. “Sorry, Sir.”

Master Rory raised an eyebrow, and she quickly corrected herself, remembering she was a brat. Curling her upper lip, she sneered at them. “I’m here, so let’s get this over with. I have a party I need to go tonight. You know, people to see, guys to do.”

“Sit down,” Master Rory said in a low voice that made her sex clench again.
Goodness, she wanted him in the worst way.

With a huff, she took a seat in the front row. Because of the height of the desk she had a hard time crossing her legs. Finally she just gave up and sat with her knees pressed close together. Both men watched her, and she grew a bit nervous. They were so big, so strong. They could do anything they wanted to her. Unease tried to worm its way into her heart, but Master Liam chose that moment to move from around the table.

He sported an erection that pushed against the fabric of the kilt that should have looked silly but instead found it really, really sexy and it turned her on something fierce. She wondered what his cock looked like up close, how thick he was, how much he was going to stretch her. Her sex continued to throb with the beat of her heart, and she couldn’t remember a time when she’d been more aroused without having even been touched. Even hours of sex with one of her ex-boyfriends hadn’t led to this desperate craving.

Master Rory gripped the lectern and leaned forward. “When asked on your final exam what the name of the female sexual organs were, you replied ‘a cunt.’”

She flushed and looked down at her hands. Swearing was one of those things that made her uncomfortable yet aroused. “What? You wanted me to call it a pussy?”

Master Liam picked up a ruler off the table and hit it on the surface hard enough to make her jump. “Watch that insolent mouth.”

Feeling bold, she stuck her tongue out at him and grinned when he gave her a wink. Master Rory was very intense in his role-playing, which she liked, but Master Liam also made it fun. Sometimes laughter was even better than sex.

“Girl, eyes on me.”

She immediately gave her attention to Master Rory and swallowed hard. He looked so darn good in his suit; she wanted to rip it off him in the worst way. More than that she loved how possessive his gaze was, how commanding and in control. She loved men that were strong, both inside and out.

“Ms. Rhiannon, since you’re such an expert on the female anatomy, why don’t you tell me about the G-spot.”

“Um…” She tried to remember what little she knew. “It’s a place inside a woman that can be stimulated during sex.”

Master Liam scoffed, “My grandmother could give a better answer than that.”

“Do you talk about sex with your granny a lot?”

Instead of being amused, Master Liam gave her a stern look that sent pleasurable little shivers through her. Her pussy ached with the need to be touched. She parted her legs and slowly slid her hand down the front of her panties.

Let’s see how they liked a little bit of teasing.

“Hold on. Let me see if I can find that spot.”

Holding Master Liam’s stare, she widened her stance farther. His gaze moved between to the juncture of her thighs, and passion flared in those hazel depths. When he glanced back up at her face, she took in a small breath at the desire suffusing his features. He captured her with his eyes, enchanting her will to his, making her want to serve him, to make him happy, to make him come.

He shifted and gave his cock a leisurely stroke through his kilt, and she gulped in a huge breath of air.

“Sir, I know I haven’t studied as much as I should for this class.” She began to stroke her pussy through the thin panel of transparent fabric. “But I really do need to pass it. Is there any kind of special credit I could do?”

Master Rory cleared his throat. “Actually, there is. I’ve been researching the G-spot, and I need a volunteer to experiment on.”

Not sure exactly what he was talking about, she shrugged and removed her finger from her panties, then licked it before answering him. “Anything’s better than having to sit here and listen to you ramble.”

After standing abruptly, Master Liam cleared off the books and papers from a desk with one sweep of his large arm. “Get over here, lass.”

She rose on unsteady feet and took a deep breath. They were going to touch her now. Keeping her gaze focused on Master Liam, she made her way to the desk and stood before them with a cocky strut to her hip. She loved how they devoured her with their gazes as if she was the most desirable woman they’d ever seen. Being wanted like this made her feel so damn good, almost powerful.

Master Liam took off his jacket and shirt, then laid them down on the table. Every muscle in his body was firm and delicious. From his sectioned abs to his rock-solid chest with his tiny brown nipples, he screamed virility. A man fully in his prime. She wanted to smell him, to rub her face on his neck and just inhale.

“Take your skirt off.”

Master Rory came over to her side and held out his arm. He steadied her as she took off her skirt. Once she’d put it up on the desk, he moved around and turned her so she was facing him. For a moment he just looked down at her, then very slowly, and with great intent, he slid his hands up her ribs to her breasts and filled his palms with her mounds.

He let go of her, then reached up and tore the shirt from her in a violent motion that sent moisture rushing to her pussy. She was so wet that her inner thighs were slick and she could smell her desire. Master Rory gently caressed the tips of her nipples with a maddeningly light touch. She swayed on her heels, and Master Rory laughed.

“Come on, darling. Up on the table with you.”

He lifted her by the waist, and as soon as her butt made contact with the edge of the table, Master Liam helped her lie back. They adjusted her until most of her body was on the hard surface. Then Master Liam leaned over and began to suckle her left breast. The sensation of his full lips pleasuring her had her reaching up and running her hands over the spectacular musculature of his torso. His smooth, dark skin was a few shades deeper than her own skin tone, and she loved how they looked like honey and chocolate together.

Master Rory spread her legs and starting at her right ankle, began to kiss his way up her leg. Wonderful, amazing sensations unfurled in her blood, and she writhed beneath them, wanting more, needing more. When Master Rory reached her panties, he took an audible breath and groaned. His obvious pleasure felt almost as good as Master Liam now biting her nipples.
Her desire-fogged mind cleared for a moment, and she tried to kick Master Rory and push Master Liam away. “Get off me! You guys stink like old man.”

Both men froze, and Master Liam said in a low voice, “What’s your safe word?”


“Are you using it?”

“Are you as dumb as you look?” The Masters had ordered her to be as bratty as she could in this scene. She gave Master Rory another kick, making sure she didn’t hit him. “I bet your balls are as wrinkly as a bulldog’s face.”

Master Liam was off her, and Master Rory had her flipped over onto her stomach. He jerked her down until her legs were hanging off the table and her ass was prominently displayed. Master Liam grabbed her wrists and held them to the table. His hands were so big that he could easily hold both wrists with one hand, leaving the other free to smooth her hair back. The gentleness of his touch was in marked contrast to Master Rory’s rough movements as he moved her around until her position met his approval.

“I won’t take your sass in this classroom, girl.” Master Rory leaned over her back so she could feel his erection between her ass cheeks. He felt so good. She moaned low in her throat, wishing he would take her. “Five lashes with the cane ought to curb your wicked tongue.”

“Why don’t you—”

The first strike came down on her butt. It was a line of fire that really hurt! “What are you doing?”

“Do you need mercy, lass?” Master Liam asked in a low voice.

“No!” She struggled against his hold. The fact that he held her tighter, kept her from moving more than an inch sent shivers of fear and arousal through her. He could hurt her—they could hurt her—but she had to trust them. They weren’t like…him.

Master Rory picked that moment to lay four more blistering lines across her ass. The pain drove all thoughts from her mind. Her ass stung, throbbed, and burned. That ache merged with the need to fuck and be fucked, making her restless and wanting more.

With a soft laugh, Master Liam leaned down and whispered in her ear, “Fight all you want. You’re not going anywhere until Master Rory does his experiment.”

God, he was so fucking hot.

Arching her back, she then spread her legs farther apart, no doubt giving Master Rory a nice view of her pussy. “Get on with it already.”

Master Rory slid his fingers along her sex, his pleased murmur sparking her nerves. It was hard to fight him when he was touching her like this. Master Liam kept his firm hold on her. The knowledge that she couldn’t get away flipped every switch inside her. She was on fire with passion as Master Rory continued to pet her pussy through those scandalous panties.

Master Rory made a low, delicious groan before he said, “You don’t get to tell us what to do, Rhiannon. When you gave up control, you also gave up the right to call the shots. Right now, this is our pussy, our arse, and we will do whatever we want to it.”

He moved behind her, and a moment later, his soft, wet tongue traced one of the burning lines on her bottom, sending a confusing mixture of pleasure and pain through her. She tried to think of some bratty comment or a way to please them with her naughty behavior, but the sensation of his mouth on her skin had her arching into his touch with a needy little groan.

Master Liam kept his secure grip on her wrists, pinning her to the table, but he swept her hair back so he could see her face. “There’s a good girl.”

Her eyelids fluttered shut as the joy from his compliment raced through her like a shot of good whiskey. This is all she ever wanted. To be someone’s good girl.

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