Saturday, April 19, 2014

Her Wish is Your Command

Her Wish is Your Command: Twenty-One Erotic Fem Dom Stories by erotica maven DL King will take you on a tour of the the realm of Female Domination and the men who love powerful women. You’ll meet real goddesses come to life, swinger FemDom couples (and even one very erotic Hanukkah tale involving wax), and men who loves to paint toenails. Every story in this unforgettable collection will leave you breathless and wanting more. And your lucky – all you have to do it turn the page!




D.L. King knows how to write a story. Twenty one of them to be exact. My toes were curling into the carpet by the first one and I'm still trying to pry them off. A good sign. Fem Dom is one of my guilty pleasures. There is nothing more erotic than bending down to whisper in a man's ear and demand that he be the instrument of your pleasure. (Or a woman for that matter.) To be the woman in the leather skirt, holding the whip or crop apologetically...that is where the defining moment rests. In this collection by D. L. King, there are many moments where I wanted to go inside a leather bubble and just stay there reading and never come out again.

Highly recommended read for the kinkster in the house.

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