Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Total E-Bound: Bubbles and Troubles

Bubbles and Troubles

Book one in the Prescott Woods Series

Prescott Woods is in trouble! A belly dancing lawyer, a stray cat of highly questionable origin, and a particularly malodorous gnome come to the rescue.
Carmen loves living in Charade, Kentucky. The quirky Appalachian village is everything that Chicago wasn't. Populated by modern day New Agers, Charade is like Mayberry with tie-dyed shirts, organic food, and incense thrown in for flavour.
When Calvin Prescott makes plans to sell his land to a high-end property developer, Carmen fears that the town she calls home will be changed forever. A new neighbourhood of multi-million dollar mansions would spell disaster for Charade's simple, small town charm.
Brock and his family moved to Prescott Woods over two hundred years ago. Like the other magical beings of the woods, they are immortal and imbued with special powers. Destruction of Prescott Woods would mean more than a change of pace for Brock and his kind—it would mean death. Brock can take on the appearance of anything—including animals of all sizes and shapes—in order to get closer to Carmen and save his home.
As Carmen learns more of the secrets of Prescott Woods, she finds that Brock is irresistibly strokeable, regardless of his appearance. She also uncovers danger, family drama, and the most luxuriant subterranean spa she can imagine.

Bubbles and Troubles
BeBe Balocca

Contemporary.  Paranormal


102 pages

Carmen has moved to a small farm and now is happy and content with her six chickens, a rooster and her dog.  She works at an organic vegetable co-op and teaches belly dancing.  It is a far stretch from her life five years ago when she lived in Chicago and was a corporate.  For more than three years Ian and Carmen worked together and loved each other and when Ian invited her  out for a special dinner she thought he was going to propose but it was a farewell dinner and to introduce her to his lover.  His new love was the chef of this restaurant and as he came to the kitchen to greet them she was shocked to say the least.

Carmen was happy with her new life until she found that the nearby woods might be sold and big expensive homes were to be built.  There would go her nice quiet life and the nice little town she had grown to love.

Brock works his way into Carmen's life even though he knows being of the Fair Folk he should not have done so but he feels she can help save Prescott Woods.  He opens the world of gnomes, elves, trolls, tree spirits and all sorts of magical creatures.

Brock does the forbidden and takes her home to the Forest and without consent changes her into an immortal like himself.  His father is furious and disowns Brock which is a death sentence for him because without the access to the living waters and their magic he will die.

Carmen is angry with what he did to her but does not feel it is right for him to pay with his life.  She finds him with the help of a gnome named Mepthia and again with the gnome's help saves his life.  Together the three of them plot a way to save the woods and put the plan into effect.

A great read!

Victoria Storm

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