Friday, February 15, 2013

Fondled and Gobbled: Someone's Got To Do It

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Fondled and Grabbed:  Someone Had To Do It
Danica Avet.  Lea Barrymire.  Cassandra Carr. Anya Richards. Paper Trace

Contemporary. Paranormal
M/F.  M/M.  M/M/M/M/M/F. BDSM. Anal Play.  Toys.  Spanking

64 Pages

4.5 Stars

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Wild Fancy Hero
Cassandra Carr
M/F.  Anal Play
4 stars
Grey Christian is a forty-eight-year-old kajillionaire and he has found himself a virgin, Steele Ana and he is opening the world of sex to her.

Steele never knew sex could be so exciting and is willing to try everything.

Cookies Bound
Danica Avet
4 stars
Cade is a billionaire and he saved me from a mugger and we have become the best of friends over the past few weeks.  He can kiss like nobody I know and has a body to give any woman a wet dream.  Maybe tonight he will finally have his way with me, I sure hope so.

Moonlust Paradise
Lea Barrymire
M/F.  Anal Play
4 stars
Missy being a prudish accountant has a hard time getting a date.  When she gets a date all they seem to want to do is talk math or accounts.  She has no one as she lost them all in a freak hot-air balloon accident.

A silver ship the size of a minivan lands in her postage- stamp-size lawn and out comes a very muscular man without clothes.  When he speaks all he says is "Come, Earth woman". "you are coming with me to my planet, Moonlust, to be my sex slave.  You may call me A'Zorxeitryou'Vernolae."

Within minuets she is on the ship and taking off.

Slave To The Sausage
Piper Trace
MMMMM/F. Anal play
5 Stars

Emily needed to lose weight and when she saw an ad for the M & M Diet she committed herself to do it.  Now she isn't so sure because the M & M stands for no men and no meat.

While watching T.V. She sees a commercial for Broadshaft Brothers Pizza and they look so yummy and the pizza sounds great also.  She calls but settles for ordering a Veggie Nibble Pizzette, trying to be good.

Twenty minutes later the pizza delivery is at her door but it is an extra-large, extra, extra sausage pizza but it smells so good and being that the Broadshaft Brothers are known for their sausage she just has to have some.  The fact that one of the brothers brought it himself is too much to resist.  She is just about to get herself some nice hot sausage when the doorbell rings and four more Broadshaft Brothers are at the door making sure everything is okay.

No more M & M diet for Emily, she is definitely into Broadshaft Brothers sausage and she knows that it is only a phone call away.  Hot meat and hot sausage and all she wants. Very hot. Lots of hunky men!

Surprise Submission
Anya Richards
BDSM.  M/M.  Anal Play.  Spanking.  Toys
4 stars

Lucius is a big man and considers himself a Dom.  He is a cop and one evening he met a younger man and wanted very much to get to know him better.  When they do get together at Jace's place, a big surprise unfolds, Jace may be a slender boyish individual but he is no sub.

Lucius doesn't quite understand how the rolls got switched but they have and he is in for an evening the likes he never imagined nor will ever forget.

This collection has a lot of humor and a blast of heat! If you want a bunch of fun stories to keep you warm on a winter night, this one is a whole lot heat inducing and entertaining.

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