Monday, February 4, 2013

Cuff Master: Taboo and Sexy

Cuff Master

Cuff Master
Frances Stockon

Contemporary.  Act/Adv.  Sus/Myst.  Paranormal
BDSM. M/F.  M/M.  Toys.  Spanking. Anal Play.  Voyeurism

280 pages

Morgan has psychic abilities but her true gift is psychometry, she gets feelings and images from old things or better described she gets information from touching things that others have owned and can tell a lot about the owner just from that touch.

Ethan is a detective among other things but always a Dom.  Ethan has a soft spot for Morgan ever since he met her and will do anything to protect her.  True he does not understand her or her gifts but that does not deter him.

When a ghost of a girl recently killed appears to Morgan she knows she has to help to find peace for this girl.  As things become clearer as to what happened Morgan's life is in danger and Ethan takes over keeping her safe and helps her solve the unknown reason why the girl cannot find peace.

Morgan and Ethan are perfect for each other because Ethan grounds her and the impact from things she touches do not hit her so hard when he is also touching her and by the same token Ethan has never been with a woman that touches his dominate side and his compassionate side.  They are truly made for each other.

While the sexual side of their relationship grows by leaps and bounds they are trying to figure out who killed the girl and has attacked Morgan.

Morgan learns more about her desire to be Ethan's sub and is finding new limits all the time.  Morgan feels alive and in love and is questing for more and Ethan is more than willing to cautiously open doors for her.  

Loved the fantastically descriptive take on things that were around be it a building, a room, a person or a toy being used.  Leroy's not forget the 9 1/2 inch long, wrist thick tool!

Action taken to the max, adventure ever present!  Suspense is high gear and mystery abounds.  Every token touch into sexuality was explosive, cringe worthy at points, pant worthy at others but as Morgan expressed -what is next!

Beautiful to have such a grounding, loving couple explore and explode to the heights of such magnitude.

Victoria Storm


  1. Thank you very, very much! I am thrilled that you loved Ethan and Morgan's story. Very excited to share this news!

  2. WOW. Great review. I think I have some reading to do!

    Sabrina York


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