Thursday, February 7, 2013

Mari Carr and a Saturday Snippet of Misplaced Lessons

Saturday Snippet

by Mari Carr

Today's theme is emotion. I LOVE emotional books. Stories that make me laugh or cry or scare me! Today I'm sharing a snippet from my latest release, Misplaced Lessons. I loved writing the heroine in this story because she was spunky and fun! When I was writing her, I thought "Wow, I'd love to have a friend like Amy." Then I realized my best friend IS exactly like Amy. LOL
Misplaced Lessons snippet (be's a dirty one!)
“When I give you an order, Amy, the proper response is ‘Yes Sir’.”
“Oh yeah. Right. Got it.” She pasted on a look of innocence, knowing her reply would annoy him.
“You don’t mess around, do you? Change of plans. Since you want to play the naughty girl, we’ll start with a punishment.”
As he spoke, he lifted her. She wasn’t exactly a small woman. She liked her vegemite on toast as much as the next girl. Withholding that treat or counting calories wasn’t something she was willing to do. Regardless of the extra pounds, her handsome Sir picked her up as if she were stuffed with feathers, putting her on her stomach with ease.
“Lift your ass.”
“Excuse me?” She twisted her head to look at him over her shoulder.
“Wrong answer. Again.” He gripped her hips none too gently, raising her. Then he forced her to bend her legs, resting her weight on her knees. The new position left her very exposed. And wet.
She didn’t have time to consider what that meant before his hand struck her arse. It took her off-guard and it fucking hurt.
She started to rise, but he placed a strong hand between her shoulder blades and pushed her face against the pillow.
“Don’t move.”
“I’ll bloody well do whatever I want,” she said as his hand landed against her sensitive flesh once more.
“No. You won’t,” he said as he struck her twice more. She continued to struggle, but the man was strong as a horse. Amy’s arse was sore from his spanking, however, she couldn’t help but notice the heat was morphing into something infinitely less painful. She stopped resisting the blows. Her sudden capitulation caused him to cease striking her for just a moment. Then he picked up his rhythm again—his hand landing in different places along her buttocks and upper thighs. No slap was the same.
Amy started squirming again, but this time, she wasn’t seeking escape. She was looking for relief.
He must have recognized her need. Gripping one knee, he pulled her legs apart then ran his fingers along her damp slit. She heard him release a long breath, a whispered “oh yeah mingling with the air.
She gasped when he pressed two fingers inside her pussy. His actions were quick and forceful. After so many years with lovers who were too careful, too gentle, his rough claiming felt like a homecoming, only she was returning to a home she’d never seen.
“Harder,” she begged.
He took her at her word, adding another finger, increasing his pace. Amy’s fingers clenched the pillow beneath her head as she lifted her hips, shoving them against his delicious thrusts. He was fucking her into oblivion with no more than a spanking and his fingers. Bloody hell. Had she seriously considered refusing this gift?
Gray spots formed behind her closed eyelids. She was going to come. Her body stiffened in preparation, but he retreated seconds before she could close the deal.
“What the hell?” Impulse overrode common sense as Amy turned, ready to demand her due. “Don’t stop.”
His arms were folded. “Still trying to give the orders?”
“Fine,” she shrugged, wishing her voice didn’t sound so shaky. “I don’t need you to get what I want.”
After too many months of abstinence, she’d become an expert at finding her own pleasure. She reached for her pussy.
Strong hands grasped her wrists before she hit her target. “Wrong. You do.”
Amy tried to free herself from his grip, but he was relentless. Within seconds, she was on her back, bound in the restraints once more. Her handsome stranger, still fully dressed, straddled her legs, completing the effect.
Why does it feel so good being trapped beneath him?
Because you’re not exactly small and girly, but he makes you feel that way. That’s why.
“Had your fun?” he asked.
“Not yet.”
He grinned. “You’re a shitty submissive.”
“No, I’m not. You strike me as the type of man who works hard for what he wants. Where’s the challenge if I just lay down?”
He tilted his head. “Christ.” His brows creased. “You’re right.”
She lifted her eyebrows, surprised he’d admit such a thing. Marc and Keith told her she was too independent and outspoken for her own good. More than once, they’d referred to her as a pushy cow.
“I am?”
He nodded slowly. “Fight me all you want, Amy. Just be warned, I’ll still win.”
She yanked against his restraints, finding them too tight and definitely unbreakable. Yep. He was going to win.
But the best part? She was too.
He left the bed. Amy sucked in some much-needed air, curious as to what he would do next. He’d painted some naughty pictures in her mind with his talk of nipple clamps and vibrators.
She glanced around the room wondering where he’d hidden his bag of tricks. Had he stowed it in the house prior to her arrival or carried it in with him tonight? Given the fact the restraints had already been attached to the bedframe, she suspected he’d set the scene earlier.
Reaching for the buttons on his shirt, he slowly slipped each one from its hole. He knew she’d been on the verge of an orgasm. He obviously intended to punish her for her outspokenness by leaving her in need.
God, he’s hot.
Misplaced Lessons is available at Ellora's Cave, Amazon and Barnes and Noble.
Reposted with permission from the author.

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