Saturday, February 23, 2013

Santa's Executive: The Review

Santa's Executive (Holiday, Montana, #2)

Santa's Executive. Holiday, Montana
Carrie Ann Ryan

Contemporary. Holiday. Paranormal
M/F. Anal Play

195 pages

Justin is the principal of a small town elementary school in Holiday, Montana. He loves being around kids and loves seeing their faces light up and being able to help them. For some unknown reason for the last month he has an obsession for sugar cookies and has baked them almost daily. He knows he is feeling off but does not understand what it is.

Rina is an elf at the North Pole and works in the basement organizing lists and when she comes across a paper showing Justin coming into his power as an executive to Santa and has not yet been trained nor set up to be processed for training she knows something is wrong so she takes it upon herself to help. It is against the rules for her to do this but she has this feeling that it is something that needs to be done. She packs what she needs and programs her snow globe to take her to Holiday, Montana.

Jack Frost is behind Justin's paperwork foul up and doesn't want Rina stepping in and spoiling his plans. Jack knows that when Justin's power actually comes in that he will be very strong and will be hard to control with his plans to take over.Together Rina and Justin find love and not much can beat true love, not when they join their magical powers. Jack Frost and his plans for takeover are put on ice for a long long time. This was a great twist on Santa based holiday stories and one I enjoyed  heartily!

Great story with a wintery blast of frozen fun! 


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