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New Release! Inheriting Love! #contemporary #multiplepartners #menage #romance #IARTG @a_decota @authorteganS

New Release! 
Inheriting Love by Decota A Jaymes & Tegan Sutton!

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What Readers are already saying about Inheriting Love:

5.0 out of 5 starsCan't wait for more!!!!
"Love love LOVE this series, i cant wait for the next book to come out. I love the character creation and how then story just fell into place!!!!"

5.0 out of 5 stars - And with that so many funny situations. She is a firecracker and knows what ...
"This is such an interesting story. So full of twists and turns, humour and sexual context. It had me laughing one minute and frowning the next. Abby is a young lady who comes to money, but with that come two obnoxious men: Ben and Alex. And with that so many funny situations. She is a firecracker and knows what she wants. She can stand up to them and they do not like that. Throw Max to the mix and the whole thing becomes one big complication. Plenty of steamy scenes complete his great story."

5.0 out of 5 stars - Loved it!
Two brothers, born with a silver spoon, a girl born with nothing, and a maybe not so gay best friend. Add in the last will and testament, along with some sneaky letters from a crazy old man, and I got an outcome that I totally didn't expect. Inheriting Love is well-written, witty, and fun. Abby's take no crap attitude is just what Ben and Alex need and Max's sneaky part in this game is absolutely perfect. Overall, this is a fast-paced book that can be read in a couple of hours - That's a good thing because I couldn't put it down!

Abby grew up with her life in shambles. When she was just a teen, she met a man who would come to be her saving grace. Years later, she finds out just how much she meant to that man. She didn't realize how this new opportunity would change her life forever. Is she prepared for what's to come?

Alex is laid back and on the road to fulfill his lusty dreams. His brother, Ben on the other hand, is business all the time. One last will stipulation and they both have to obey or risk losing everything. They both have mixed emotions about Abby. One hates her and the other is obsessed. Can the brothers handle the secrets of their late grandfather? 

Max has his hand in the cookie jar, so to speak. When his past comes out sooner than he wants, can he keep the relationships he has built over time, intact? Only he knows what is happening but he doesn't know how it will all end. 

How will the men handle the effects of Abby’s presence? And can they all accept Max after everything's said and done? Will their grandfather’s last requests bring them all happiness or misery?

About the Authors
DECOTA A. JAYMES lives with her amazing husband and fur babies in the woods of Georgia. She loves the calming feeling from nature. Her mind though, is in the gutter. From naughty to downright horrifying thoughts. She loves reading and research. But her real love is writing. She writes as her own form of therapy. The pen and paper bringing her thoughts out to mold them into what you see today.

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TEGAN SUTTON made her debut in 2017 with a co-written work called Inheriting Love. She lives with her a wonderful husband who supports her naughty mind. They have been together for nearly a decade and Tegan claims he still is amazed by her hobby—turned career.
Writing is Tegan's way to support those who can't always support themselves.
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