Wednesday, March 1, 2017

New Release and Giveaway: Steamy and Dreamy box set

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Steamy & Dreamy: A Collection of Sizzling Romance, Fairytales, and more!

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Featuring NYT, USA Today, and Amazon bestselling authors, this collection satisfies with its wicked paranormal alphas to sizzling contemporary romance. 

Click now to enjoy the diverse, hetero and same sex tales, scandalous fairytales, and more, crafted by some of your favorite authors to tempt and titillate your senses.

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Excerpt from Marnie's Tale by Erzabet Bishop

The vibrations rolling under Marnie’s skin and between her thighs made it difficult to eat. Every time she took a bite, Emerson ramped up the power. Her nipples had grown to hardened points and her panties were becoming sodden with the evidence of her lust.
“I…” She began, but shut her mouth as he held up a ranch laden sweet potato fry.
“Taste it. You’ll love it.” His voice wrapped around her like a hot blanket of sin. He brushed the ranch end against her lips and as she opened her mouth, he moved it out of her reach. Emerson slid closer in the booth so their thighs were touching. He leaned down, licking the ranch off with his tongue.
His mouth covered hers hungrily and Marnie was lost. Fingers slid forcefully between her thighs over her aching clit and he began to rub in time with a series of pulses from the vibe.
“Shit.” She hissed and closed her eyes. Her body began to unwind as the friction of his hand led her into unknown territory. How did you have an orgasm in a room filled with people?
“Language.” Emerson’s hand trailed up the curve of her stomach to pinch her erect nipple.
Marnie screwed her eyes shut and sucked in a harsh cry. His fingers blazed a trail of fire down her belly and plucked at the waistband of her panties.
“I’m going to make you scream my name, Marnie girl.” Emerson whispered against her hair. He drew her mouth to his for a panty-soaking kiss. “Show me how wet you are. Slide a finger into your panties.”

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