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Release Day: Wicked for You by Erzabet Bishop #Infamous #ARe Original Series

True love awaits. Passion burns bright…

Carrick is an Alpha werewolf preparing for the annual Pack Gathering. Pack law dictates he must have a mate by his thirty-sixth year or forfeit his rule. But what if he’s already found her and lost her in a swirl of cinnamon-scented dreams? Can this Alpha brave a sea of single wolfy females to find the one woman who enchanted his heart?

She’s a kitty girl, in a wolfy world…

Sage is the curvy owner of the Hot Whips Café. Bound by pack law, even as an adopted cat, she must attend the Gathering for the Alpha to select a new mate. Heading to a wolf ball isn’t high on her list of fun activities, but damned if she can’t get the image of a certain amber-eyed wolf out of her head.
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Sensuality Rating:   Not rated

Editorial Reviews:
From Karen Roma (Goodreads)
Erzabet Bishop writes short, fast-paced stories that combine action, intrigue, danger and quite often some fun banter too; anything she writes, is definitely worth the read.
From Belinda Ashley
This is a short story that moves very fast. From the very beginning, it sucks you right in and has you holding your breath waiting to see what's lurking around the next turn or coming directly for you.
From Christine Croke (Goodreads)
Five stars! Love it! Full of suspense, romance, and hot, sexy scenes it will have you hooked from the first sentence. The great story will not let go of its hold on you. I can't wait to see if there are any more stories for this wolf pack.
From Peach (Goodreads)
Wolves, a panther, genetic experiments, kidnapping, and a HEA! Seriously this story is packed with so much, but it all works! The story is paced just right for its size and nothing feels too rushed.
From Ameliah Faith (Goodreads)
This was an exciting and fast paced read. I loved the characters and the story line. Ms Bishop paints such lovely pictures with her words really immersing you in the tale. This is a werewolf story you will not want to miss!
From April (Goodreads Reader)
This was a well written short story, that didn't leave the characters too shallow. It also dealt with some topics that most stories don't even come close to. I can't wait for the rest of the series.
From Naughty Beauties Book Blog
I loved the intense build and the rapid fire that flared between the characters. You'll love it too.

Carrick stood with his back to his second in command, his wolf pacing beneath his skin. He wanted to break the double doors open and bound into the woods rather than face the torment waiting for him in the grounds outside. Women. Hundreds of single wolfy females. All vying for the privilege of putting his cock and balls into their handbags like some godforsaken trophy.


Ever year he’d dodged the bullet, but this year one of the hungry piranha circling his house would become his mate.

Double fuck. He’d been through this before. He already had one. He just needed to find her, but the elders wouldn’t listen.

“You have to make a choice, Alpha.” Reid crossed the room and stood in front of him, blocking his view.

Carrick growled and spun away. “I’ll find her.”

Reid’s lips flattened, his dark eyes flashing in his anger. “You know the rules. Thirty-six is the last year an Alpha can rule without a mate by his side. The pack needs an Alpha female to be whole.”

“The pack is stronger than it’s been, or are you forgetting how I got here?”

Reid swallowed and backed up a step. “No. Justin was a horrible Alpha. You were right to destroy him. He was wrong for the Westmore Pack. Evil.”

And the bastard had been. He’d abused his power as Alpha to enslave his pack rather than uplift it. The amount of victims he’d unearthed in the days that followed would disturb him for the rest of his days. He could still see the faces of the women Justin had taken against their will and the shivering form of his sister and the strange girl who stood up to a monster.

Hers was the face that haunted his dreams. Her need reached out to him and made him into who he needed to be to overcome a near impossible situation. He had been up against a being far superior in strength but what he lacked in brawn, he’d more than made up for in sheer bullheadedness. And the electricity he felt when he touched her. His wolf recognized his mate and so did he. Now all that remained was to find her. It wasn’t like he hadn’t been looking. No one knew her name and, with her face partially shifted, her image was only a fleeting ghost in his mind.

“You’re damned right.” Carrick leaned back against his desk and rubbed the bridge of his nose. His father would be proud of the work he’d done. He’d turned the Westmore Estate from a near financial ruin to a lucrative operation centered on the newly formed security company owned by him and his second, Reid. Where people had once feared shifters for their propensity for violence because of Justin and his henchmen, he’d turned the tide and people paid for their protection. Handsomely. So much so that when the media had heard about the weekend’s festivities, he’d been dubbed the Ultimate Bachelor.

It made him fucking nauseous.

The one person he needed to find and he couldn’t and it made him crazy. Now, in a matter of a few days, he would either have to relinquish his role as Alpha or marry a gold digging piece of arm candy. The closest person he’d found was a barista at the coffee place he frequented but she didn’t look anything like the girl in his dreams. And now whenever she saw him coming, she hightailed it for the hills.

But she had popped a whisker.

Just like his goddess.

Jesus. He was losing his shit. Completely.
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