Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Begin Again

Begin Again by Jane Henry

Things are going well for Meredith and her husband, Paolo—until a terrible car accident leaves him disabled. As he distances himself from her emotionally, Meredith finds herself increasingly seeking consolation in her fantasy world. Escaping into her erotic romance books helps keep the loneliness at bay, and awakens in her a curiosity about the Dominant/submissive lifestyle. 

The day she stumbles across a website forum for real-life submissives and Dominants, her life is forever changed. These are not characters created by authors. They are real people, who are both familiar with and willing to discuss the D/s lifestyle with her. As Meredith's knowledge and understanding increase, she realizes that there is one question only she can answer—is she truly submissive, or is the fantasy better left in the pages of books? 

In a last ditch attempt to discover who she really is, she agrees to pledge her obedience to an anonymous, online Dom. After all, it can't really be considered cheating if he is just a faceless entity in cyberspace, surely? The first time she's given an order, however, the scenario becomes all too real, leaving her with some serious thinking to do. Will her devotion to her online Dominant take precedence over her real, flesh and blood husband? 

Will Meredith's journey of self-discovery destroy her marriage, or will she and Paolo somehow find a way to begin again?


This is my first book by Jane Henry but it won't be my last. How do you reclaim a passion that has been taken away from a marriage? How do you make someone love you again when they are so wrapped up in misery they can't see beyond their own pain? This is what Meredith is dealing with in response to her husband Paolo's injury. She misses his touch and their intimate moments-but even more the sweet considerate man she used to know. The shell of the man living in her house is only an angry, sedentary person so she retreats into her romance novels. As a married woman myself, I understand that very well. Long term relationships take work and Meredith is at her wits end. She learns about the lifestyle of domestic discipline through one of her books, and her journey begins, leading her to a chat room and some decisions that will impact her life and her marriage. Be prepared for some surprises. I loved this book!


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