Friday, August 22, 2014

Saving My Submission: Doms of Genesis #4

Saving My Submission
By: Jenna Jacob
I never intended Joshua Larsthe sexy-as-sin sculptor to be more than a one-night stand. How was I to know his masterful hands and dominant command would wake the sleeping submissive within me? Any of my friends would have said that Mellie Carson was an independentsuccessful woman who would never kneel for a man. I’d already chalked my one foray into surrendering my control up to naïve stupidity. I was far too smart now to do it again—or so I thought. Then came Joshua… Determined to resist his powerful drawI tried to forget himbut Fate—and a killer—had other plans. Nowin Joshua’s armsI might be safebut I fear my heart isn’t. Can he save my life while saving my submission?
Release Date:
August 18th, 2014
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 Top ten snacks while writing:

Can I lie and say, carrot sticks, rice cakes, and water with lemon? Yeah, I didn’t think so. Truth: Diet coke, Peanut M&Ms – or chocolate in general, (it stimulates the brain, right?? LOL) apples, cheese, crackers, potato chips, granola bars, yogurt, and almonds.

Are you a plotter or a panster?

            A little plotter, and a whole lot pantser.

How do you describe the perfect villain?
            Average and unassuming on the outside… twisted and demented on the inside.

Do you ever daydream about people you see at the park? Airport? Train station? Mall? And build romance scenes around them while you daydream?

            If you’re asking me if I undress men at the grocery store, the answer is… no comment. LOL But I you’re asking if I watch people in general and think about story lines that might fit them? Oh yes, all the time.

It's known that you're in the much of your writing is from personal experience?

            In regard to the dynamics of the lifestyle, I’d have to say one hundred percent.

If you could go on vacation to one place, where would it be and what would you do?

            I would take my youngest daughter to Italy. For years she’s dreamed of seeing Rome and Venice… and we would do it ALL
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