Thursday, July 10, 2014

Games Girls Play

Hands-on assassin Rose has the best job in the world and no issue at all with taking out the bad guys. In fact, the only problem Rose has in her life is the game of sexy one-upmanship she’s playing with her biggest competition, Jane. Jane is a sniper who likes to do her job from a distance, but no matter who manages to do the job first, the ladies get together afterward to argue over who gets the fee, and have hot make-up sex at the same time.

When Rose is burned by the family of one of her marks, though, the game changes. When Jane’s handler tells her she gets the honor of taking Rose out, Jane knows she can’t just kill her best girl. Jane must rescue Rose in time to keep both of them alive, or their lust-filled contest will end with a very final bang.




Ameliah Faith

 WOW!   I did not know what this book was about, I was really surprised and pleased!  Page one went in a totally different direction than page two.  The story of Rose and Jane was full of action, adventure, suspense and oh my goodness so intently erotic and none to shy with the tender romance I like so much.  This book was a perfect blend of everything.  It  grabbed my attention from the start and held it till the end.  While the ending was great, I was disappointed to see it come.  This really is not one to miss.

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