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Apparition: Iyana Jenna

Separated by more than 600 miles, Zach and Drew were forced to keep in touch through phone, email, and Skype. However, as Drew showered for one of their "dates", he wasn't alone. Then he found out that Zach’s car crashed, leaving him in a coma. Who then came to Drew when he showered? Would he have a chance to be with Zach again?


The man went on his way and Drew went to the shower. He'd planned his night alone with Zach on Skype. He couldn't think of anything better than that when his boyfriend was away. Sometimes cam sex could be better than the real thing. Well, by ten percent or less. And Drew loved to make sure he'd cleaned up when he was meeting Zach. Even in cyberspace.
Drew stripped and turned on the water, checking the temperature. Perfect. He stepped in and let the water run down his hair and his eyes. He rubbed himself down, and had another jet of water wash his body. Drew thought of the times Zach joined him in the shower.
And suddenly he felt it. Zach patted Drew's backside and draped both arms around his damp, naked midriff. Drew sucked in a breath. What’s going on? He froze, but promptly dismissed what weird thoughts coming to his mind. He missed Zach so much, that was all. Drew moaned and pressed back.

Author Interview Questions:

1. How did you start writing erotic romance?  So I read a lot of m/m stories about ten years ago and decided to try writing them myself.

2. Plotter or pantster? Half plotter, half panster. Once I know where my story is going, I turn into a pantster. I will follow where it leads me.

3. What are three things you have on your writing desk? Chargers, snacks, Horus my kitty.

4. Favorite food? Cakes

5. Tell us a little about your new release. What character in the book really spoke to you? Apparition is a little supernatural story about Drew and Zach. I like Zach here because he’s both there and not there. :)

6. I write because ____... uhh, because I want to read something but I can’t find it out there? Because I have a lot of ideas? Because I want to practice expressing my thoughts more clearly?

7. What is your favorite type of character to write about? Someone who is so full of angst.

8. What is the sexiest scene you ever wrote? Taking-a-shower-together scene.

9. What advice would you give new authors in the erotica/romance field? Oh gosh, I’m quite stumped. :) Well, perhaps it’s for authors in any field and for those who publish with a publishing company. Choose a company that fits your stories as each company has preference. It will save both your time and theirs, and when you find the correct one(s), you’ll find your work reach the top of book selling ranks.

10. What is next on your writerly horizon? I will have a story coming out from Breathless Press with the title Not Mistaken Identity. There will also be one out in July from JMS Books, called Ya Like That? :D

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About the Author:

Iyana lives in Jakarta, a city famous for its traffic jams, a lot of cars and motorcycles, and people selling stuff on the roads. You can spend two hours on the road going to a place you can reach in half an hour in a normal situation. Thanks to the traffic jams, though, Iyana can come up with a lot of stories, mostly shorties, as she prefers to spend the time during her trips writing into her cell phone rather than sleeping.

Another thing Iyana loves is kitties. Right now she has five of them. Their names are Larva, Nyil, Cil, Betsy, and Horus. When she doesn’t write, she plays with them, or they would play with her when she writes.

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