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Wolf in the Neighborhood by Phoenix Johnson

About The Wolf
What do you do when your past comes back to haunt you?

Could a dark secret revealed by a new lover be something you could overlook just to have him?

What kind of secrets could you learn to live with for true love?
Krissy has a hunky new neighbor with a dark secret; Derek is a vet with an interesting past. They hit it off quickly but when Krissy’s abusive ex, James comes back in to her life, Derek shows a side Krissy never could have guessed. However, James refuses to give up. Can Derek’s secret save them, or will James have his revenge?
Available in Mobi, ePub and PDF through NNP. Also available at Amazon, Amazon UK, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble and Apple. 

The Wolf in the Neighborhood Excerpt
Her eyes now closed, a few moments later she heard the zipper on his jeans slide down and felt him wriggle them down over his backside and hips. She was filled with dread as she realized what was about to happen; her mind tried to escape her body, trapped beneath the man she used to love, as her heart pounded and her hips sunk as far back into the couch as they could. It wasn’t enough, as he used his knees to force hers apart.
Suddenly she heard a bang like a door being slammed open, thudding footsteps and a grunt from James above her as his weight was thrown off her. Krissy opened one eye in a squint, her heart leaping as she saw Derek’s form standing over her, only to feel dread again as she saw on Derek’s face the same look of malice that had crossed James’ face moments earlier. Was she wrong about this man? Had last night been a trick by another ugly soul?
James stood and pulled up his pants, wiping blood from the corner of his mouth and looking ugly in his rage. Krissy lay on the couch between them, frozen from terror, trying to cover herself with the ruins of her tank top; tears poured from her eyes as these two hulks towered above her, glaring each other down like two alpha wolves fighting over the felled deer. All she could hear was heavy breathing from the men and her own panicky breaths competing with her heart pounding in her chest.
A growl emanated from Derek as his mouth curled into a primal snarl, the sight making her heart stop momentarily. She half expected him to sprout facial hair, fangs and a shaggy mane. Krissy blinked to clear her vision; her mind’s eye was projecting her expectations. For a moment there she could have sworn Derek’s teeth had grown and his hair appeared shaggier with grey streaks showing through. When she looked back, she realized her eyes weren’t fooling her; he had indeed sprouted fangs, his hair now a deep grey. Her eyes wide, she barely tore her gaze away to see the reaction on James’ face: sheer terror. She could smell an acrid scent, and a growing darkness drew her eye to his crotch: James had wet himself in fear. Pity constricted her chest. As much of an asshole as James was, she could only imagine what it was like being on the receiving end of this creature’s anger.
Krissy risked a glance back at wolf-Derek, only to find him – it? – looking her over. She had no idea what was lurking behind those eyes and the steely gaze had her in such fear she thought she was going to throw up. As it took a step towards her she tried to crawl inside the couch. A long, clawed finger reached down to her face; she started shaking so hard, she thought she was going to vibrate herself to pieces. The image made her snort laughter in an odd high-pitched gurgle, making the advancing finger hesitate, before it finished its path to her cheek, gently stroking the red area where James had struck her earlier. Concern flickered in Wolf-Derek’s eyes, quickly replaced again by anger as he turned his gaze back on James.

Another growl ripped the silence apart and James whimpered as he backed away. Derek crept to the left towards her head, James moving to his left towards her feet in response, not wanting to get too close to the monster. Slowly they edged around so James had a clear path to the door; he hesitated only a moment, scampering down the hall like a frightened rabbit as Derek took one menacing step directly towards him.

About Phoenix
Phoenix Johnson is an Australian author who has always had the passion for the written word. She had her nose in at least one book ever since she could read and would even scrutinize the back of the cereal box every morning at breakfast. It was only natural she take up writing.
Phoenix has multiple works in progress, and her favourite writing genres are the same as her reading genres; erotica, romance, paranormal, thriller and a combination of these. The Wolf in the Neighborhood, book one in her debut trilogy Wolf Smitten, was released January 15 2013.
She currently lives in a small rural town west of Ipswich, Queensland, with her partner, their daughter and Siamese Fighting Fish, Cranky.

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