Saturday, September 21, 2013

Naked Nights: Capture Fantasy by Vonna Harper

Submit to a man? Never. Or so jockey Marina believes until the day former football player Tray kidnaps her and takes her to a Carnal training facility. No longer free, she must bow to Tray’s determination and strength. Must accept the harsh yet arousing training regimen designed to turn her into a true submissive. 

Tray spent years being viewed as a piece of healthy, powerful meat. Now it’s his turn to dominate. Teaching the lovely trainee to embrace a new way of life excites and challenges him. He will change her! Make her his. 

They begin as strangers, one dominant, the other a helpless captive. Will Marina continue to see Tray as her captor or will he become something more? Something that transforms both of them.

Naked Nights was briefly titled Submission's Ride.


Capture fantasy can be a very misunderstood part of the erotic community. Especially with all of the horrors on the news today, it can really bother some readers and I understand why. There are a number of reasons for this, from my humble point of view. Most people want their erotica/romance to be consensual. Some capture fantasies are not. Forcible sex is also included and many women (myself included) have issues with rape on the whole. Here is the thing: capture fantasy is just that...a fantasy. 

In Naked Nights a jockey is taken from her home and forcibly enslaved. She is taken to a school for slave training and made to learn how to survive in a world that caters to a Master/slave scenario. This type of book is not for everyone, but I enjoyed the read. 

Marina has been targeted by wealthy men at the racetrack to become a sexual slave. She is taken by a pair of men, set to train with Tray, a man new at the game of domination. At times, I found his bickering with his trainer a bit on the annoying side, but it did not overly detract from the reading experience. Marina fights her situation but gradually learns to accept her submissiveness and the book has a very nice ending that I enjoyed.

If you liked The Marketplace series and were a fan of the Brie series, you very well may enjoy this book. It does have a kidnapping scene, slave training, BDSM themes and some very sexy overtones with a fantasy Master/slave theme. Again, this scenario would never work in the real world. But it works as a sexy fantasy read for those of us who enjoy a little darkness with the light.


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