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Alan Daniels: The Interview

Thank you for having me as a guest on your blog. I appreciate the opportunity to share my thoughts on the joy of spanking and what it can add to a caring and loving relationship. Erotic discipline is at its most exciting in a partnership based on mutual respect.

1, How did you get started writing erotica?

A, I believe there is a pent-up demand for well written, intelligent erotica that combines “lustful and toe-curling sex’ (as one reviewer described it) with humor, a satisfying plot, and endearing characters. After a long career as a daily newspaper reporter I wanted to write something that would appeal to a wide audience.

2. Spanking is such a wonderful did that happen to catch your fancy?

A, Spanking as foreplay is like a massage, only edgier, more tactile, noisier and more visually exciting, with endless possibilities for role playing – or role reversal.

3. In the book, you take a historic tour of some pretty hot domestic discipline/spanking fans. Can you name a few?

A, While researching for my novel, I learned that Catherine de Medici, 16th century Queen of France, was notorious for spanking the bottoms of her ladies in waiting. That got me thinking about other historic characters.The scene in my book where Cleopatra invites her handsome young masseur to punish her is history at its steamiest and most fanciful.

4. Flogger or cane? What's your favorite?

A, Hand or hairbrush is sufficient, although I realize others crave more intensity. To me, spanking is not about hurt, or domination, it’s about creating mutual sexual desire.

5. Spanker or spankee?

A, I believe consenting partners can joyfully play either role. It’s all about the moment.

6. I love the humor you put within the pages as we meet George. Tell us a little about how his character came to be.

A, I wanted George to be wry, whimsical, witty, someone the reader would like to spend time with. I wanted all my characters to be real.  One reviewer wrote that she would like to invite the whole lot of them for tea and biscuits. To me that was a great compliment.

7. The school girl scene was uber hot. Have you written any other school girl/spanking stories?

A, I haven’t, but I believe we can all draw on memories of what it was like to be young and dealing with the complexity of feelings we had for our best friends.

8. What other genres do you write in?

A, My next novel is about relationships, about the trauma of growing up terrifyingly different,  and how shocking events can give us the strength to overcome adversity.

9. What advice would you give someone about to start on a full-length erotica novel?

A , Simply that: make a start. You don’t have to start at the beginning. Write a steamy sex scene if that’s what it takes to get you motivated. But for me, the cardinal rule is: sex should never be gratuitous.

10. Will George be on any new adventures? (I fervently hope so!)

A, I hope so too.

George and his first bizarre experience researching an S & M house

“Unfortunately, our Dungeon Master is off sick today, but feel free to look around and there are others of our staff who will be pleased to answer any questions you may have. You have an hour before our members start arriving, judges, barristers, bishops, members of parliament, that sort of person of quality.  I take it that you yourself, Mr. Brown, are a professional person.”
        “Senior civil servant retired,” said George proudly. He didn’t tell her he was with Putney & District.
       “Very well, you are welcome to sample either of our play rooms.  Walk in. You will find people there to help you.”
        “I walk in, just like that? “George asked, suddenly feeling a pang of anxiety.
        “Quite so. You can hang your hat and coat in this closet here. Turn first left past the next corridor then first right to the Dungeon. First corridor on your left, then second door on the right, takes you the Headmaster’s Study.  Enjoy.”
       Now thoroughly confused, but not wishing to appear disoriented, George deposited his hat coat and umbrella and stepped briskly in the direction she had indicated.  But what had she said?  Was it right, then left, or left then right? He couldn’t remember. There were people to help, she had said, so he could always ask and it wouldn’t hurt just to poke his nose in.   He pushed open a heavy door in front of him and took two steps into the gloom. Uh oh. Sensing at once that he had made the wrong choice, a moment of unease turned into full-blown panic when he heard the door clang shut behind him. Turning abruptly, he tripped on the uneven flagstones and fell to his knees. His spectacles flew from his nose and skittered across the floor out of sight.
         Next thing, a jackboot placed squarely on his neck forced him to spread eagle on the floor and he felt the full force of a riding crop delivered to his prone posterior.
         “Lick my boots, slave,” commanded a female voice.
         “No, no,” George said. “You don’t understand. I’m awfully sorry, I’m in the wrong...” But far from relieving his predicament, he received another hearty whack.  George didn’t like the dungeon at all. He thought he had better change his tack.
         “I would lick your boots, honestly I would, but I can’t while you’re standing on my neck,”   he gasped.
          There was a moment of awkward silence.
          “Gosh, So I am,” said the voice. “God, I always get it wrong. Look, I’m really sorry. When you’re on your hands and knees I am supposed to haul you to your feet and handcuff you to the wall. Then I beat you. The boot on the neck bit is supposed to be come later. Honestly, I don’t think I’ll ever get the hang of it.”

“There, there, it’s alright, don’t cry, look, I found my specs,” said George. He was horrified at somehow being the cause of this young woman’s grief.  He wondered briefly about the etiquette of consoling a dominatrix then gave her a little hug anyway.
         “Here, let me get you a seat.”
         The only one he could find came with arm restraints and leg irons, but he hauled it over to where she slumped against a wall and gently helped her into it.
         “I’m George,” he said when she was comfortably seated. “It’s okay. I’m not a real member. I don’t even know what I’m doing here. I’m in the wrong room, anyway.  Look, I won’t tell anyone.  Honestly, you were jolly intimidating. You really were.  If I really were your slave, I’d be shaking in my tunic, let me tell you.  Jolly menacing you were.  Here, let me take this.” He took the crop from her and hung it on the wall with the rest of the whips and floggers.”

When George Aloysius Brown, a retired  civil servant, accepts a challenge from his creative writing teacher to ‘step outside his comfort zone’ and write erotica, his research leads him into a bizarre world of strange and fascinating characters.
He visits a S&M club where he befriends a trainee dominatrix who wants to be a ballet dancer. He auditions for an adult movie directed by a titled lady. He visits a librarian who entertains “assertive older gentlemen.” George enjoys his new life as a researcher until he buys telephone sex from a B grade movie actress and it all goes horribly wrong.
The plot thickens when he forms a literary alliance with Catherine Mallory Jones, a beautiful Cambridge University graduate and aspiring romance writer, who has a dark sexual past. When her past catches up with her and she fears for her life, she turns to George for help. Their friendship deepens and there is one final improbable adventure.

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About the Author

Award-winning journalist Alan Daniels was a daily newspaper reporter and editor in London, Sydney, Hong Kong and Vancouver. Married with children (and three grandchildren), he is currently working on his second novel.
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One additional note: Kindle pages: 158. My reading copy was much longer because of the font.

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