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Author Spotlight
Burn Hard
Elianne Adams

featured in
Coming in Hot 2
Rescue Me!
A Paranormal & Contemporary Medical Romance Collection

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 Burn Hard
Elianne Adams

Seven months ago, Trista left the Odyssey, and the sexiest, most frustrating man she’d ever met behind. At least, that’s what she’d thought, until Ryland came into her life again, with an insurance policy in the form of a contract she’d signed tight in his grip. Against her better judgment—and her will—she has to go back with him and spend an entire month trying to resist the crazy pull he had on her. Right. No problem at all. She just has to keep him from worming his way back into her heart and destroying it once and for all. Because once the month was up, she was going home, and their time together would be done. Forever.

Nothing in his life had prepared Ryland for the agony of losing his one true mate. When Trista had left the Odyssey—and him—behind, he’d had no one to blame but himself. That knowledge didn’t make the devastating loss any easier. Raging inside him, his phoenix refuses to accept his decision to let her go. Now, out of control, he has to bring her back and either make it work or be forced to leave the Odyssey for good.


He twisted the documents he’d brought with him as an insurance policy to make sure she’d come with him into a tight roll. She’d be pissed if he enforced the Phoenix Mate Acquisition Contract, but he couldn’t keep living the way things were. He was going crazy. He treated everyone like shit, and no amount of apologizing was erasing the weariness in the eyes of those he came across.
Just yesterday, he’d yelled at Cortney, his Alpha’s new mate. Her eyes had welled with tears, but she’d tilted her chin up and hadn’t said a word. Draven, however, hadn’t been so quiet. He’d gone after him in the yard like a raging bull. “This ends now. Go find her and fix this, or leave,” he’d ordered.
For a second, he’d thought Draven would shift right then and there to challenge him in phoenix form, but the Alpha had shaken his head and gone back to his mate.
The last thing Ryland wanted was to find a home away from the Odyssey. He’d never had the urge to leave and spread his wings for lands unknown like some of the other phoenixes had, but if he couldn’t convince Trista to give them a chance—to become his mate—then he’d be forced go.
Even without Draven’s ultimatum, Ry knew something had to give. The Odyssey’s Mistress didn’t deserve to be treated like that—none of them did. It wasn’t their fault he was hurting or that his phoenix raged at him day and night. The blame fell on him and him alone.
He took a deep breath, catching a whiff of her sweet scent, and a shiver raced down his spine, pooling heat into his groin. If the way his phoenix was beating at him for release was any indication, he’d only have a few minutes to plead his case before things got out of hand. The mating craze was beyond his control, and they’d been ignoring it for months. His cock was already half hard, and he hadn’t even laid eyes on her yet. If he wasn’t careful, he’d embarrass not only himself, but her, as well.
“Thanks, guys,” Trista said, her voice closer than it had been, drawing his gaze to the room. Her back was to him as she pumped sanitizer from the holder by the door into her palm and rubbed her hands. With him being so close, her aura brightened the entire hallway, making her look like an angel without wings. It took his breath away.
The nurses who had rushed in to help her filed out, each taking a squirt of disinfectant as they walked away.
Ryland’s heart pounded so hard he was sure she’d hear it. How the hell had he survived the last seven months? Standing ten feet away made him dizzy with the need to claim. She turned, almost in slow motion—at least, that’s how it seemed to him—and his breath caught in his lungs. In his dreams, she’d see him, smile, and rush over to greet him with arms wide open. In his nightmares, she’d scowl and tell him to get the hell away from her.
She did neither. Her sexy mouth gaped a little, and her wringing hands stilled. She licked her lips and swallowed. “Ry, what are you doing here?” she asked as she stepped closer, keeping two feet of space between them—one foot and twelve inches too much.
Trista sucked in a shaky breath, and the need—that constant ache that demanded relief she had no hope of finding—flooded her entire being. She might not be a phoenix, but that didn’t mean she was immune to the mating craze when he was near.
“I need to speak with you. Privately,” Ryland said.
His voice was just as deep and gravelly as she remembered. His eyes still held the same pain they’d had when she’d told him she was leaving the Odyssey. But now, dark circles shadowed under them. His lips—those gorgeous, kissable lips—demanded she throw herself at him and get lost in him again.
“I…” What was she going to say? No? Every part of her wanted to see him, talk to him. Do a hell of a lot more than talk, if she was honest with herself. But nothing had changed since she’d left the clan behind and come back to reality. Sure, the month she’d spent with him had been amazing, but she couldn’t live with someone who was controlling, no matter how sexy he was, how much he made her laugh, or how much of a beast he was in bed. “I don’t know if that’s a good idea.”
His shoulders slumped a little, and she was tempted to cave in, but she held his gaze and kept her mouth shut.
Ry raked the fingers of one hand through his hair and tightened the other around a wad of twisted papers that looked like they’d been through the wringer already. “Just five minutes, gorgeous. That’s all.”
Maybe it was the wounded look in his eye, or maybe it was her need to have him close for a while, but she found herself reaching for his hand.
“I’m going on break, Amanda. All my peeps are good,” she called out. It was a few minutes until her actual lunch break, but her co-workers would cover.
“You got it, girlfriend,” Amanda said, not looking up from where she was prepping an IV line.
She should’ve taken him down to the cafeteria to talk, or even the parking lot, where others might be around, but the need pulsing through her wasn’t going to go away. Not on its own. Short of having a one-night stand, she’d tried everything to meet her body’s demands, but all it had done was make her ache more. Maybe Ryland could help her take the edge off. It was his fault she was like this to begin with. Her nipples pebbled beneath her scrub top at the thought.
Ry’s jaw twitched, and his nostrils flared as he took a deep breath. A soft groan rumbled from his chest, and his eyelids lowered a little. Damn. Could he smell her arousal? She’d never asked him about that.
“This way,” she said, her voice coming out in a sultry purr.
She led him down one corridor, then another until they reached the change rooms. It wasn’t as private as she would have liked, but at least it wasn’t the hallway.
Checking each row of lockers, she made sure no one was in there before turning her attention back to Ry, who had kept pace with her when she’d released his hand.
“Trista,” he said in a low voice that curled inside her and sent heat straight between her legs. She recognized that voice. It was the one that spilled from his lips at the height of passion when nothing existed but the bond between them and the pleasure they found in each other’s bodies.

She didn’t say a word. She couldn’t. Her mouth was too dry, and her need too great. Grabbing him around the wrist, she tugged him into the closest shower stall and closed the door before wrapping her arms around his neck and pulling him so she could reach his lips.

About the Author:

√Člianne Adams is a self-proclaimed tropical climate Princess, so how she managed to be born and live in snowy Ontario, Canada is a complete mystery. She loves to read (and write) romances that lure you into different worlds. The kinds of stories that suck you in until the very end. Her paranormal romance books feature sexy as sin fire breathing dragons, gryphons, phoenixes, and jaguars. If those sexy Alpha shifters aren’t quite up your alley, she’s also got larger than life wolf shifters to melt your reading devices. 

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