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Author Spotlight
Tempting Doctor Forever
Holly Cortelyou

featured in
Coming in Hot 2
Rescue Me!
A Paranormal & Contemporary Medical Romance Collection

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Warning: The Rescue Me authors are not responsible for damaged pacemakers. Please read responsibly!

Tempting Doctor Forever
Holly Cortelyou

-->Holly Cortelyou never lets you down, with laugh out loud parts and of course romance with a capital R.” ~ 5 Stars by Elaine C on Amazon 

An old crush. A hot doctor. And one tempting night with consequences.

Samantha Barrett’s got it all under control…if wrangling a classroom of rowdy ninth-graders, chasing a delinquent dog, or living with your grandmother don’t count against you. As if that wasn’t enough, her brother’s best friend, Dr. Ethan Cordero, is back in Barrett Ridge and living next door…and boom, she’s reliving every single one of her silly schoolgirl fantasies about the delicious doctor.

Now, Ethan’s eyes may spark with attraction when he sees her, but his cool, professional demeanor demands she keep her distance. After a string of ill-starred romances, Sam’s sure that common sense will rule the day, right? Of course, she barely notices Ethan’s sizzling-hot, hard abs, broad shoulders or his heart-melting dedication to his teen son.

Dr. Ethan Cordero has it all mapped out for his fresh start in Barret Ridge. Only two things count — get his son, Mateo, through high school and grow his medical practice. That’s all good until Samantha Barrett charges into his backyard, gets under his skin, and lifts that shadow lurking over his heart. But his best friend’s little sister keeps mixing up his well-laid plans with that curvy little backside of hers, her joyful laugh, and her surprising bond with Mateo.

Between a con artist canine, a confused grandma, a backstabbing stepmother, and one decadent chocolate cake, Ethan finds that every path winds right back into the arms of the oh-so-enticing girl next door, Sam.

Author Spotlight

Hello My Lovelies!
I’m Holly Cortelyou, and I write small town, contemporary romances with sassy heroines and swoon-worthy heroes. I love it sexy, smart and steamy…but at the end of the day, I just gotta have my happy-ever-after!
My latest book, Tempting Doctor Forever, releases on April 17th in the Coming in Hot: Rescue Me boxed set -- it’s the second in my Barrett Ridge series with the seven Barrett siblings and their crazy, heart-melting journeys to love.
Tempting Doctor Forever is my favorite kind of romance -- it’s got a return to hometown, an old, secret crush…and one night with consequences! Plus, I’ve got lots of family snark, Sunday dinner disasters and plenty of lingering temptation and heat between Dr. Ethan Cordero and his best friend’s younger sister, Samantha Barrett.
I don’t want to giveaway too much…but between a con artist canine, a confused grandma, a backstabbing stepmother, and one decadent chocolate cake, Ethan and Sam find no matter which way they run, it’s always right into each other’s arms.
Ok. No spoilers! So now, I’ll tell you a smidge about me.
Following my writing dream has been scary and liberating, challenging and exciting…and I love it 99.99% of the time.  My favorite quotation and writing inspiration is from C. Ara Campbell -- "Here's to the girl who read the compass written on the walls of her heart and follows the North Star etched upon her Spirit." I’ve got it written on a pink sticky-note that I can see anytime that my eyes wander from my keyboard.
On my average writing day, you will find me in my little office with the white French doors, with a silver lab puppy napping on her giant Costco bed, and my Maine Coon kitty sprawled on my keyboard. Between fighting for my chair with the cat and fluffballs floating through the air, I sip on black coffee all morning and type away (or play on Facebook).
But…that’s enough about me!  Keep scrolling down and check out the snippet from Tempting Doctor Forever– Ethan is home alone on a Saturday and is about to have a close encounter of the canine-kind and a Samantha Barrett-kind!
Luv ‘n hugs,
Holly Cortelyou
…Dare to Love!

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Ethan closed his laptop and tucked the stack of paid bills into a file folder. Nothing like a lively Saturday afternoon.
He automatically listened for sounds of Mateo in the house, but silence greeted him. Mateo and Pipo were having a sleepover at the ranch. Doubtless, his son was riding a tractor and learning to run the log splitter.
He should have gone with Mateo rather than sit around the house all day. Ethan pushed off the chair and aimed toward the kitchen and a cold beer. He’d finished a ten-mile run, so he could imbibe guilt free.
From the comfort of the kitchen, he contemplated his options for entertainment. He could alphabetize the spice rack. He could binge watch a season of something from Starz or Netflix. Or he could schlep on down to a bar. All by himself? That didn’t sound appealing.
He wondered what Sam was up to. He’d caught glimpses of her as she’d been in and out of the house with errands and shopping all day long. At least based on the assortment of bags that she’d been toting in and out.
Wrong. He needed to avoid that Barrett. Maybe he should call Dillon. That would be safe.
A dog-size streak of reddish bronze whizzed through the backyard and disappeared into the back corner where thick, budding rhododendrons towered to the top of the fence.
How did that dog manage to break in this time? He’d checked the fence himself. He must have missed something. He was a surgeon, not a contractor. He sampled his amber-hued ale and sniffed at the hoppy aroma.
A woman in a red plaid shirt and tight denim leggings tiptoed into the yard. He grinned. Sam was on the case of the missing mutt. He couldn’t hear her, but she was clearly calling to the dog, in a low hiss, no doubt.
The rhoddies wiggled, and Sam trotted over to them. She planted her hands on her hips and must be giving Copper a talking-to. She crouched down, but still, no sign of Copper.
Sam knelt and crawled, head first, into the thicket of rhododendron leaves. Only her feet and curvy backside were left on display. Round, luscious, and a charming almost heart shape. Ethan licked his lips and abandoned his beer on the counter.
His Saturday was shaping up nicely with a free show in his own backyard. Surely it couldn’t hurt to watch a little. It wasn’t like he was thinking of sliding his hands on her hips and grinding his hard unit into those curves.
He didn’t want to wrap his fist in her hair and hold her close. He coughed. Well, shit. That was exactly what he wanted.
It was the least sensible thing he could imagine, but it filled his mind. She was so grounded and kind. Her eyes were trusting, and if he wasn’t mistaken, she was as attracted to him as he was to her. She clearly needed help with Copper, so he’d do the gentlemanly thing and go to her assistance. That was all. He was just going to assist her.
Before he knew it, he stood outside next to the flower beds, with an up-close view of Sam’s pert ass.
“Are you missing something?”
Sam muttered something harsh under her breath. “You’re not supposed to be home.”
“It’s your lucky day.”
“It would be if Copper would listen to me.” Sam barked a few more useless commands.
“What’s he gotten into back there?”
“He’s digging to the seventh level of hell for all I know. He’s got more crap buried in this backyard. I had no idea he’d be such a digger. The Novak’s have a lot to answer for. Sicking a demon dog on me and Nana.”
“He’s a good dog.”
“Ha. Sometimes, but he’s obsessed with reuniting with his long-lost toys and bones.”
“Are you going to take up residence in the shrubs or do I just get to admire the view?”
Sam squeaked, and her butt bobbed. She scrambled out of the bushes, but her hair caught on the stiff twigs and leaves. She whimpered, and it sounded like muffled tears were imminent.
“This is ridiculous. I need help.”
“Hold on.” Ethan wrangled a branch that was woven through her loose top-knot and was likely digging into her scalp. “Better?”

Sam backed up a few inches, and her sweater hiked up and exposed the creamy flesh of the small of her back and the hint of purple polka-dotted panties. He grinned.

About the Author:

Holly Cortelyou pens sweet and spicy small town, contemporary romances that just may have a kiss of magic or a twist mystery.
On any given day, she’s likely sipping coffee and procrastinating on Facebook or organizing a closet. Holly’s living her own Happily Ever After with an uber-handy, broad-shouldered and delicious husband, a sweet silver lab and a fluffball kitty in sun-kissed Southern Oregon.

She has hazel eyes, a goofy sense of humor and all the rest is subject to change without notice. 

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