Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Dark Mafia Prince Excerpt Reveal #AnnikaMartin #DarkMafiaPrince

The way he uses me is violent. Primitive. Demeaning. And all I can think is, don’t stop.
He warned me he was going to be rough. He warned me I’d feel alarmed when he shoved his cock all the way down my throat. I was ready for that.
I wasn’t ready for the names he would call me.
Or to be so wildly turned on by it all.
It’s as if we crossed over to the right side of wrong, and everything is too hot, and his cock is too huge, and I have too many clothes. I want him to lay me out and use me. I want him to do anything to me. Everything to me.
I pull back, knowing he’ll shove my head back onto his cock, and he does, fingers digging into my scalp.
My nipples rub on his legs, heating—from the friction, maybe—and I nearly get off. It’s pure madness. Usually I need a lot of help.
But this is Aleksio being Aleksio. He always went too far, and I always loved him for it.
I feel when he’s going to come.
“No teeth. Don’t you fucking…” He jerks into my throat. The orgasm goes on forever. He holds my head firmly in his grip, panting.
I move my tongue a tiny bit and he clutches my hair. “God! Don’t move.”
I feel dazed. Heart pounding. This was the wildest and most powerful sexual experience of my life and I didn’t even come. 
“Okay,” he whispers after a while, gently extracting himself from me. I sit on the coffee table, wiping my mouth and striking the tears from my cheeks.
His eyes shine, and I know he felt power of what just happened. The mad connection. Deep down, I know that neither of us have been here before. He reaches out and brushes my hair from my forehead.
That’s when I see the gun in his other hand, dark and cold and black.
He was holding a gun? Why? Why would he need a gun?
“Don’t worry, the safety was on.” He puts it aside, eyes averted, and then he swipes his phone off the floor. He presses something. A red light goes off.
My mouth falls open. “What the hell? What did you do?”
“Saved your finger.”
Red. A record light.
He tucks himself in, zips himself up.
He recorded us? Why record us like that? With him holding a gun? Why would he want to make it look like he was being a violent asshole, forcing me to do that?
Suddenly everything in the room gets too bright, too real. “No!” I go for the phone.
He grabs my wrist, hauling me up off the couch with him. “Leave it.”
“You’re going to show that recording to him? No!” I try to twist free. “You can’t!”
He can and he will.  
I’m flooded with shame for how much I enjoyed it. And Aleksio made a movie out of it! To frighten Dad!
“Fuck!” I jerk and twist, trying to get at the phone. “You can’t! Please.”
“Oh my God!”
That’s when Viktor comes in. He regards us calmly, like it’s no big deal Aleksio is manhandling me. Aleksio tosses the phone to his brother. “Play it.”
“No! Don’t!”
Viktor taps the screen.
“Don’t watch it!” I go for Viktor now, but Aleksio has me.
“You can’t send Dad that clip.”
“We’re not sending him your bloody finger, isn’t that what you wanted?”
Aleksio. So cool, so smooth. Like it meant nothing to him. And me like an idiot, getting off on his rough treatment. Making myself vulnerable to him. Showing him something I never even showed myself. I want to die.
Viktor pockets the phone. “Her severed finger would be more extreme. More urgency. But this is more pain for the old man.”
“You guys are animals!”
Aleksio tightens hold on me. “You need to be done going crazy or we’ll handcuff and gag you.”
“You have to erase it!”
“You prefer the finger? That’s what you’re saying here?”
I trusted Aleksio. I followed him somewhere extreme, and he ripped my heart open. Cutting off my finger seems tame in comparison.
“You’re thinking about it? Fuck! No. Fuck that.” He turns to Viktor. “Call and see if the sack of shit’s awake.”

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