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Breathless Monday: Blood Bond

Happy Monday everyone! Today we welcome fellow Breathless Press author Lisa Casian with her new release Blood Bond. Take it away Lisa!

1. How did you start writing romance? I'm a sucker for a great romance story. I went through a romance reading phase and decided to take a shot at writing it and here we are!
2. Plotter or pantster? Pantster all the way. I love surprises.
3. What are three things you have on your writing desk? Note cards, coffee, and Toothless.  Ahem, he's a dragon that acts like my muse.
4. Favorite food? Jibarito.  A sandwich made with flattened, fried green plantains instead of bread, garlic-flavored mayonnaise, and a filling that typically includes meat, cheese, lettuce and tomato. I just made some the other day. Yummy.
5. Tell us a little about your new release. What character in the book really spoke to you?
Blood Bond follows the story of twin brothers Cassian and Bowen who are vampires. This is book two of the Blood Shade series and follows the story of Cassian. He's charged with caring for a friend who's been bitten by a werewolf and is fighting the change leaving him crippled. After hiring a healer for him, Cassian begins to have feelings for her. This is a problem since Cassian is a Shade and is the vessel of the goddess of chaos. They team up with Bowen to save the lives of those they care about, as the goddess intends on releasing a malevolent evil into the world. The character that really got to me is Bas (Colin Basset). He's just a tortured soul and writing his scenes was so heartbreaking.
6. I write because I have to get this crazy out of my head.
7. What is your favorite type of character to write about? The tortured soul. I love rebuilding them. Sometimes you can, other times you just can't.
8. What is the sexiest scene you ever wrote? Cassian gets quite a few intimate scenes in this one. I can't pick one.
9. What advice would you give new authors in the erotica/romance field? Write. Read. Learn the craft. There's really no magic pill. Trust me. I've searched.
10. What is next on your writerly horizon? I'm looking forward to writing the next installment of the series.

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Author bio-

Lisa Casian is the author of BLOODROSE and the sequel BLOOD BOND published by Breathless Press.
Lisa completed a Bachelors degree in Psychology with a minor in Criminal Justice at Northeastern Illinois University and works in the community strengthening families. She spends her spare time reading and writing great romance with tough heroines and bad-boy heroes.
Lisa resides in Chicago with her family, a household of kids, and the bliss of chaos.


When Bowen pleads for Cassian's help in saving his beloved from Eris, Cassian must fulfill his duty as Shade and lead the shadow army, risking more than just his soul.
Centuries ago, Cassian formed a bond with the goddess of chaos and stripped all that made him human, releasing the evil inside him. He became a Shade, leader of the shadow army. But Cassian could never allow the evil to fully entrench his heart.
Anna is running away from her life and her father. Switching places with her maid, she accepts a job as a healer, unaware that the job would require much more—her body and her heart. She gives both willingly to Cassian.
When Bowen pleads for Cassian's help in saving his own beloved from Eris, Cassian must fulfill his duty as a Shade and submit to Eris in order to save her. But it requires releasing Nyx out of Hades, along with a shadow army to rule over the humans. And with Anna's life at stake, Cassian has much more to lose than just his soul.
Only working together with his brother will allow them to save those they love and, hopefully, the world. If they don't kill each other first.

Book excerpt-

A long howl erupted in the distance, a terrible, pained howl that sent Cassian's body into shivers. "Bas."
"Werewolf Bas?"
"Yes. He's changing..." Cassian caught another scent in the brisk air and recognized it just as Bowen leapt into a charge through the landscape.
Cassian turned to Samir. "Stay with them." He ordered and ran behind his brother.
Terror swelled inside him as he watched Bowen change. Taller, thicker, faster, his brother, the warrior. Always had been. But as they crossed the snow packed landscape in a blur, the mounting need to protect Bas surged dangerously close to panic, and Cassian allowed the transition to consume him. His bones shifted, muscles bulged against his coat, heat sifted to the surface forcing him to release himself of the binding of his shirt.
They tore through a slit into an earthen cavity inside the mountain of snow. Without pause, Bowen leapt at Bas who stood in shadows crouched on all fours. Elizabeth went unseen by her father, but Cassian saw her first. Scared, but well and alive.
Bas would not be for very long.
Bowen lunged at him, claws extended, and Cassian followed behind. In a trio of tangled limbs, they went sprawling deeper into the cave. Cassian wrapped his arms around Bowen's throat, pulling him in a death grip as Bowen, in turn, gripped Bas's throat. From behind Bowen, Cassian caught sight of Bas's features. He hadn't turned all the way, fighting it to save the girl. Bas remained better than both of them.
Bas shifted his gaze away from Bowen and settled it on Cassian, something like peace draped over his features, and Bas stopped fighting. He wanted to die. He wanted to leave Cassian in this hellhole alone. He wanted to give in to Eris and allow his soul to be taken to Tartarus. Something inside Cassian flamed. Anger turning to rage.
He growled and pulled Bowen so hard he thought he snapped his brother's neck. Both he and Bowen went sprawling on their backs, clawing, scratching, biting, until they pulled apart. Panting, Cassian placed himself between his brother and Bas.
"Let him be."
Bowen spat out blood. The color of his flesh at the throat turned purple. "You protect him...he's not one of us. Never will be."
Cassian didn't turn to look at Bas. He didn't trust his emotions to see him yet. "Take Elizabeth and get out."
Just then, Anna, Dr. Bryden, and Samir ran inside.
"We can't go out there. Eris will find us," Elizabeth's small voice came from the shadows. "This place is protected by..."
The earth shook, splitting the cave in two.
Two winged beasts entered the cave and the humans ran toward Cassian, who stood the furthest from the mouth's opening. Bowen lifted Elizabeth into his arms, stepping away as well. The cave ignited in heat that sent the ice around them melting, not only from the creatures threatening them, but from Bas, behind them. Cassian didn't trust himself to warn Bas of the danger of keeping the beast at bay within the cocoon of ice. He didn't trust himself to look at the werewolf, his bonded werewolf.

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