Thursday, March 20, 2014

Preconception and Totally Bound Giveaway

Preconception is released on 14 March 2014, and tells the story of a cop, a criminal’s twin and a cabin where anything can happen.
To celebrate the release of Preconception by Aliyah Burke Totally Bound are giving a copy of the book away and a kindle fire to read it on! For your chance to win make sure you enter the competition here:  
  and you can also sign up to attend the release party on facebook on the 28th March where the winner will be announced amongst other games and prizes!

Martin placed a hand on his arm. “Listen to me, Declan McBride. I’ve known you since you were in diapers. Hell, longer than that. I knew your parents, you and my boy were brothers and when you lost your parents and I lost my son, we became family. You never brought that woman you married out here and I have never seen the emotions on your face like I do when I see you interacting with this Caro. From what you said about her before, I expected nothing but hatred between the two of you. What I see isn’t hate. It’s passion. Whatever that fine line between love and hate, the two of you are teetering on falling into the side you claim you don’t want.”

Declan grabbed most of the bags. “My wife wouldn’t set foot here. I asked her once to go with me on a trip and she threw a fit that it wasn’t going to be in a city. I never mentioned this place to her. No one knows about it, which is why I figured it would be safe for me to bring…Caro here.”

Martin took the remaining bags. “So this is all about your job.”

Even a deaf man would have picked up on the disbelief in Martin’s tone. Declan shut the vehicle door.


“And had I not come when I did, where would you be right now?”

He blinked. Naked with Caro. “Inside.” Inside her.

“I’m guessing you’d be in a room learning what it was like to live again and be with a woman.” He chuckled. “I may be old, Declan, but I’m still a man and one who recognizes passion between two people. There was so much heat in your eyes when you faced me. I know where that was leading.” He grinned. “There are some condoms in the bags as well.”

“Condoms? You brought me condoms?” Christ why was it so hard to find his breath?

“Sure thing. Took them from the back so no one in town would know. You know business isn’t all that private around here.” Martin gazed around. “I know, I know. You’re just protecting her. If both of you want it, why are you denying yourselves?”

“It’s not proper.”

“Son, there was a time when you and her in a house together period wouldn’t be proper, not even with her sleeping in a room of her own. Times change. And I like her for you.”

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