Monday, March 17, 2014

Stripper with Spice

Getting back on her feet after unemployment, Janice treats herself to an erotic-romance convention. After winning a two-hour fantasy date with Carlos Aguilar, a young stripper, she decides to have a one-time fantasy fling.

When Carlos entices her back to the bedroom—and a few public places—for more sizzling sex, he unleashes her passions, including a secret desire to be a chef. Janice learns there’s more to this heartthrob than a hot body, but job security comes first.

To convince her he’s more than a fantasy, Carlos teaches her trust with his body. But when that trust is finally tested to the limit, she’ll be torn between clinging to safety and taking a chance on a whole new life.
From the first line, I loved this book for the voice and the sheer sexiness. Janice heads to an erotic convention and decides to have a fling. Trust, older woman younger man issues and the repercussions that could reverberate through her life are brought to life. Nothing is ever going to be the same again and Janice is ready for the ride-maybe.
Hot! Hot! Hot!!! I want to go hang out with Janice and her new hunk. It is definitely a panty melting experience. Excellent work Afton Locke. I am ready for the next one.

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