Monday, March 17, 2014

Widow's Walk

When Lindy, an American romance writer, inherits a craggy house by the sea in Cornwall she expects to sell it and use the proceeds to fund her career. But upon arriving in England she discovers long-forgotten love letters chronicling her Great-aunt Emmaline's ill-fated romance with a sea captain. Entranced by the story the letters tell, Lindy starts pining for her own impossible love and meets Tom, a charter-boat captain who lives nearby. Despite Tom's intense travel schedule, they start an affair fueled by heated emails and phone calls. When Tom suggests that Lindy join him on a trip to Spain, their virtual relationship soon becomes very real indeed. A week of sensual delights and romance leads to passions that cannot be denied but past hurts have made Lindy and Tom cautious about commitment. Can history repeat itself with a much better outcome or is this romance destined to be washed out to sea? Inside Scoop: Lindy's journey contains female/female sensual exploration. A Romantica(r) contemporary erotic romance from Ellora's Cave.

Ellora's Cave


Lindy goes to England after she ending a romance with a cheater. She has inherited her great aunts home and is determined to make the best of it. When she discovers some old letters she begins to read of a romance between her great aunt and a sea captain. Soon the letters become very real to her as she meets a sea captain of her own and begins to correspond with him on his modern day journey. Will the two lovers share the same fate as the couple in the letters?

This book initially reminded me a little of a movie I loved when I was little-The Ghost and Mrs, Muir. Unfortunately, as I read, the feeling began to slip away. The idea of letters found was a great one, but I think what lost me was Tom's overbearing cocky attitude. If I was Lindy, I would send him packing and look for a ghost in the attic. At least he would stay in one place and have eyes only for her. The story line kind of left me cold midway through the book and I had a hard time finishing it. Ms. Ash has a lot of wonderful story elements happening, but I wanted a different kind of hero that I could swoon over.


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