Monday, August 19, 2013

Her Master's Kiss: The Complete Series

With over 250 reader reviews posted on Amazon, ‘Her Master’s Kiss’ by bestselling erotic romance author, Vivien Sparx, has become something of a publishing sensation.
The story has regularly appeared in the elite list of Amazon’s Top 500 bestsellers for a staggering six months(!) and sales show no sign of slowing.
In fact, the story became so successful, it has lead to the release of three highly acclaimed sequels in the ‘Her Master’s Kiss’ series… and rumours are rife on Facebook that a fifth, conclusive story is in the pipeline.
Her Master’s Kiss is the erotic tale of a young woman named Renee, who seeks out a Master in order to learn submission. Renee wants to save a failing relationship, and Stefan (the Master) is her last hope.
What follows in the story outlines the training of Renee, as she learns the first stages of submission, and a bond between the two main characters develops with each passing day.
But Stefan is dealing with his own demons – tragedy in his past that has left him remote and detached.
As Renee demonstrates her eagerness to learn to submit, Stefan struggles to resist the physical attraction that draws him to the woman. It’s a steamy, very sexy erotic romance that has reviewers and readers glowing with acclaim.
‘Her Master’s Kiss’ has also won the praise of those within the BDSM lifestyle – no easy task. With so many authors trying their hand at the genre, Sparx has stood above the crowd with her in-depth knowledge of the alluring lifestyle, and that knowledge, research and experience comes out on every must-read page.
Masters, submissives… the acclaim from those who live BDSM lifestyles has made each of Sparx’s new stories highly sought-after by those of us keen to learn more about the fascination of the lifestyle.

Her Master’s Kiss, and the sequel stories are available for download right now from Amazon, and Amazon UK.

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