Friday, July 27, 2012

Triple Pleasure

Managing three lovers simultaneously is no small feat, but Amanda Salt does it with flair. Each of them brings certain pleasures into the mix—emotionally tender Robert, highly physical Jack and insatiable Alex. But her perfectly arranged sex life is challenged when one of them asks her to commit to a monogamous relationship. Ridiculous. Why give up such a great balance?

While trying to decide her future, Amanda meets with each of her partners to assess the state of their relationship. What she ultimately finds is a bit of self-discovery and her true feelings regarding each of the men in her life. And proof that sex is much hotter when one’s heart becomes involved.


What I Liked:

I love a short erotica novel that gets to the heat and heart of the matter and leaves an impression. The main character in this novella is juggling a very busy life of three lovers and all is well until one of them wants to settle down. A fun read.

What I Didn't:

I wanted to feel more from the main character and felt like there needed to be more depth in the story. 


This was a fun, short piece, but it lacked character depth that made me want to identify with her. She is juggling three guys and is doing a great job until one wants more. For the length of the book, the breakup points of the other two guys was timely, but again, there was a depth I felt needed to be expounded on a little.


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