Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Red Ribbon by Lila Dubois

Running into an old friend isn’t a big deal, unless you’re attending a BDSM mixer. When Liz, a woman who has it all—except a sex life—sees college pal Mark in the parking lot, she brushes off her embarrassment and agrees to go out for coffee to catch up.

Mark assumes Liz is a Domme, but when she reveals her red ribbon—a ribbon identifying her as a sub—he has to have her. He makes her complete a sex checklist that lists every toy, kink, position and taboo he might do to her, on her or with her.

Though desperate for this relationship to work, Liz cannot fully accept her desires or bring herself to submit passively. She wants Mark to master her, to dominate her. Mark is delighted by the way she challenges him, and with one touch, he knows she’s his perfect sexual match.

Now they face their greatest challenge yet, that forbidden territory that lies outside the bedroom… Dating.


 What I Liked:

This book was different from the Undone series. It had its own feel and that was good it its own right. The reality of a bondage party that isn't all chiseled abs and perfect size 0 butts made me smile. The inexperience and self indulgence of some of the Dom's was also made real and really annoyed the main character, Liz. She leaves the party in disgust and runs into her old school buddy, Mark. They awkwardly embark on a roller coaster ride of bondage and dating that will have you turning the pages.

What I Didn't:

Nothing. I missed the pop of the Undone books, but this had a realness about it that was raw.


A great book from an author I greatly admire for her skillful portrayal of the BDSM culture and all of its ups and downs. As a reader, I want to be taken to places that I don't normally see and she really does that. Liz has some really tough moments coping with what she thinks is "wrong" with her, and I totally understand. She wants a strong man, in a bondage scenario, but is scared to death when she experiences it. Very powerful stuff. A great read!


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  1. This one's on my TBR list. I think it just moved up a few notches lol.


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