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Blonde and Owner by Sindra van Yssel: The Interview

Tall, blonde Susan has had it with short men, or men who think that because she's six feet tall she should be in charge of everything. So when her short date takes her to Excess, a BDSM club, without telling her where they're going, and then wants her to dominate him, she's thoroughly pissed off.

But the club intrigues her. Then she meets the club's former owner. Tall and handsome, he has no intention of letting her be in charge, or even letting her mouth off without a spanking. That's fine for an evening, but can they make it last for longer? A little kinky fun is one thing, but Vincent wants more, and she needs to find out just what he means when he says he wants to be her owner.


“What club rules?” This isn’t going well. Dammit.

“They’re posted all over the place.” Elizabeth gestured around, and sure enough, Susan noticed white sheets of paper taped to the walls and a couple of supporting pillars. The people had been too much of a spectacle to pay much attention to signs. On the one closest, she could make out the word RULES in block letters, and Excess below it in flowery script. There was probably an “of” in between them.

“If you haven’t read the rules and you aren’t a member, you have to go.”

She would have gladly made a strong man or two drag her out kicking and screaming, but she wasn’t going to fight this woman. Elizabeth actually sounded regretful about throwing her out. Susan started to get up to go when a strong hand on her shoulder pushed her back down into the chair. She looked behind her.

Standing there was the man who’d been watching her earlier. Up close he seemed taller. He had a rich, deep baritone. “She’s my guest, Mistress Elizabeth. She was supposed to read the rules, and I’ll punish her for her omission.”

The Interview:

1. What made you decide to write erotica?

I was raised in a pretty conservative enviroment, but I always wanted to write. I didn't start writing anything erotic until I learned about BDSM through some internet acquaintances. That sent me in two directions, both exploring it in real life and writing about it.

2. What is the most challenging sex scene you ever wrote?

 The first scene of Dom and Domme, because Betsy and Gray are fighting for control, and I wanted to get the balance just right.

3. On the flip side, what was the most chuckle worthy scene you ever had to write?

I'm still fond of a scene between Alex and Dylan in the middle of Pushing Limits. They aren't the main characters, and the humor depends on surprise so I won't spoil it, but I've had a number of readers tell me they laughed out loud. My books aren't primarily comic, but I do enjoy having a few laughs along the way.

4. What about BDSM awakens your writer brain?

There's a write what I know aspect, but I think there's a built in tension in BDSM. Sex is messy, chaotic. D/s is at least partially an attempt to impose order. I think if I tried to write very many vanilla sex scenes they'd all start to feel the same after a while, so both the toys and the emotional variation are relly helpful as a writer.

5. I loved the club scene at the onset of Blonde and Owner. Was this based on events in real life?

Nothing in that scene was based on a specific incident that I've witnessed, no, but I draw on my experience in real BDSM clubs for the general feel.

6. What is your favorite type of character to write about?

Hmm. I think it's whatever type I don't feel I've written before. I can enjoy writing about a character who is outgoing, or shy, or any of a number of things, but I don't think I'd get into a character who wasn't fairly intelligent.

7. When you are not writing, what are some of your hobbies?

I play boardgames. I try to stay away from computer games, because they take up writing time, but I don't always manage to resist. I like cryptic crossword puzzles.

8. How many books do you have out currently? 

Fifteen! And Master in Melbourne is coming "soon" from Ellora's Cave, but I don't have a date yet.

9. What is your favorite erotica book?

I have to go with one? I'll pick Raw Silk, by Lisabet Sarai, which I read a long time ago but really inspired me.

10. The dynamics of the Dom/sub relationship make writing about BDSM boundless in possiblities....what is your next writing project?

I'm currently writing a book about a submissive who is a praticing witch, with a dominant who is a cop and a diehard skeptic. They have a few conflicts on the way, to say the least. I'm also working on a sequel to Purple Passion and Red Lust, tentatively titled Blue Desire.

What I Liked:

When Susan is brought into the club, not knowing what it was, I immediately felt for her. The jerk she was with didn't deserve her. When she met Vincent, she met her match. The plot was a steady one and the light BDSM is perfect for someone just getting into the genre. It was an enjoyable read.

What I Didn't:

Not a thing.


This is perfect for light reading, BDSM style. Vincent and Susan were characters that I liked. Being a tall woman, she really felt out of place with guys that she had to dominate all the time. She secretly was ready to submit, but just didn't realize it. Vincent was a caring Dom and only pushed Susan toward what he felt she was ready for. I liked the story and will definitely read more by this author. Club scenes are some of my favorite scenarios, so this book was right up my alley. The dialogue was good, action believable and the plot steady.


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