Friday, July 13, 2012

Dark and Gritty from OC Press

One transformative evening, sociopathic loner Oliver Maxwell discovers an unconscious street-girl lying in an alleyway. Inspired by his amorphous sense of right and wrong, he decides to take the sleeping rag-doll back to his apartment where he intends to nurse her back to life. Oliver must do everything he can to distract himself from taking advantage of the helpless girl. This overwhelming lust leads Oliver on increasingly depraved erotic adventures with numerous women, each one more perverse than he. Will the sender of the cryptic text messages (I know what ur doing) or his nosy neighbor lead to his ultimate undoing?

"If Showgirls is All About Eve with tits, then Rag Doll is The Seven Year Itch with throat-fucking." --Callie Byrne, advance reader

"Rag Doll reads like American Psycho, but instead of murder, sexual perversion is the crime." --Miami Pepper, advance reader


This content will offend and horrify most sane readers with its gripping, well-written, and boundary-pushing depictions of sociopathic sexuality and depraved activities. Read at your own risk.

Includes: masturbation to cartoon characters, depictions of German pornography, a sleeping beauty who is not Snow White and a very Grumpy (disturbed) sociopath, a filthy and sticky MFF threesome, an oral-sex-loving Osh-Kosh B'Gosh-wearing hippy-chick (who smells of piquant celery soda and dirt), an interlude with a drunk girl who has Polio, gum-drop-nipple burlesque dancers on drugs, gleeful golden showers, erotic asphyxiation in a wintery cold lake, wabi sabi, a very nosy neighbor...and much more.


London's backstreet "peep show" acts as a crossroads for four fascinating people: Lucien, the misogynistic and perverse owner who takes advantage of his sexy employees every chance he can get; gorgeous, young Olivia, who performs in the peep show as a way of rebelling against her strict upbringing; Sharon, the curvy and lusty career stripper; and George, a politician at the end of his game who seeks a diversion at the peep show from his miserable marriage and career, and comes out with more than he bargained for. The story unfolds as the characters clash together and come apart, and come together again. In the end, for each of them, sex is both the problem and the solution.


I received these e-books from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

In doing research in different kinds of erotica, I have found some that really resonate and some that don't. Unfortunately, these two e-books fell into the second category. After reading many books of different types, I think I have narrowed down the reasons why they didn't connect for me.

What I Liked:

I liked that the novellas were very well written. You got a picture of the participants and scenes with little question what was going on. 

What I Didn't:

Ok. I am a girl. It is hard for me to read about a comatose young woman being dragged around and obsessed over by a guy who does a whole lot of depraved things (thinking about feeding her a glass of semen. Shudder.) to try and keep his raging lust in check (Ragdoll) and another guy who gets off on taking every woman he meets and forcing them into situations that in a certain light could be sexy and erotic, but came off as sleazy and misogynistic. (Peepshow)


While both books were well written and have merit, I think a more male audience with a penchant for really dark erotica would appreciate them better.  I felt that these two  stories were a little more than what I was willing to stomach. 

I did receive an email from OC Press tonight about some BDSM related titles that look very appealing. If you want to check out the list: books-like-fifty-shades-of-grey.

Here are a couple of interesting titles that I will be adding to my TBR pile.

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