Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Sin's Pleasure Review and Blog Tour


Title: Sin's Pleasure
Series: Happily Never Happened #1
Author: LeTeisha Newton

What if Happily Ever Afters were from a place called Elsia? What if they kept that world going and intact? And what if the Fairy Godmother, young and naive, got it wrong?

Welcome to Happily Never Happened, where fairy tales are real, sexier than sin, and sweeter than deliverance. Where Fantasy Ave is a place to see your pleasures satisfied, and the stakes raised - for a price. And then meet the ladies of Fantasy Ave, hidden gems in our world, who come from the world of Elsia, escaping the hell of their Happily Ever Afters, and offered the chance, with one last wish, to find love again.

SIN married her Prince Charming, escaping into the palace and becoming one of the four queens that ruled Elsia. That glass slipper seemed to fit on the right foot - that was until Charming showed her that she meant nothing to him, and even less to others after her story was over. Sin recreated herself, tossing aside her tiara and ballgown, for stilettos and a whip - because she calls the shots now. Never again is she going to be someone's sub who doesn't know the meaning of Dominance, and never again is she going to let someone open her heart again.

And she's right. Someone can't do it. She needs two: Tobias, her trusted bodyguard, and Zuriah, a wolf of Rose's pack, to claim her, and show her just how much she's missing. Show her how much Charming didn't know about love, and that being broken only means that she can be fixed.

Now available from Evernight Publishing Naughty Fairy Tales, be ready to delve into a hot read of desire, love, and redemption.


Writing professionally since 2008, LeTeisha has spanned from Fantasy to Interracial Romance on her road to getting the jumping characters out of her head. Most days she’s pretty color blind, unless it’s a great shade of red (then she can’t ignore it). Other times she’s plotting her next twenty books and then remembering that the computer can’t read her thoughts and doesn’t type at lightning speed. Either way, she just can’t seem to get enough of quill to paper…or eh…keyboard strokes, apparently.


Sin's Pleasure is the happily ever after that should have happened after Cinder got stuck with a sadistic Prince Charming. I really enjoyed the author's smoking hot view into a fairy tale world gone wrong. Sexy. Sweet. Smoldering. Loved it and it kept me turning the pages long after the lights should have gone out. The two alpha males were drool worthy and oh so hot. Sin herself was a complex character dealing with the trauma of her past and waiting for the right two men to love her. I cried. It was great. 

Good shifter tropes for fans of shifter romance. Fairy tale awesome if you enjoy an adult twist on an old classic and oh the love scenes. Just make sure you have a fan and some ice water. 



Interview with the author:

1. I am a panster/plotter. It truly depends on what's going on, but for series I can plot the arc. I know what I want to happen, and what I need characters to do. But the story flows from me more naturally after that. For Happily Never Happened I plotted certain points, certain characters that interacted more, and then let the story unfold from there. 2. That is an, as yet, undertermined number. The series is based on the Grimm and Disney Fairy Tales. As you, there are quite a bit to choose from! So far I have the ideas for about 7 more books, which will bring it to 10. 3. I have always loved fairy tales. Always. Particularly the Grimm tales. But I just didn't want to re-write the known story. I wanted to give them a new life, a new tale. So I'm re-writing their ending, which allows me to give fresh stories with unknown facts. I love it. 4. Heels! I am a heels girl, and that will always be the case. A nice pump can make me feel better any day. 5. I am currently working on my fantasy piece with Sarah Rodriguez entitled Avarice Touched, and working on The Watchers trilogy to come out with Loose Id soon. Finally I'm working on a dark contemporary romance surrounding a female escort who has no time for love, and even lest time for the messy business of dealing with a client.

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