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Passion's Claim Tour: Cara Carnes

Autumn Scott succumbs to temptation and journeys to The Brigade, a private BDSM resort, for another naughty weekend with sexy neighbor Kade Berges. She expects a chance to further explore her fantasies, but finds herself wanting more when Kade and his three friends push her boundaries and welcome her into their world. Kade Berges hadn’t intended to share more than a few nights of passion with his insatiable New York neighbor, but thanks to meddling friends, he finds himself unwilling to accept anything less than Autumn’s full submission. Whether she’s ready remains to be seen.

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Cara Carnes- Pleasure Brigade Book 2
Passion’s Claim

Somehow the office the interview was being conducted in seemed to be shrinking with each passing moment. Stryker, Lance and Lorenzo were enjoying Kade’s reactions a bit too much and the questions for him were only halfway over. Discussing the events in New York had left Kade on edge and impatient to get the questions over with. The guys chuckled as everyone settled back into their place in the room and got ready for round two. Again, none of the guys really sat—except for Kade. But the massive desk and chair made him appear unapproachable. Perhaps that was the intent.

If you missed the first part of the interview, you can click HERE and read part 1.

Part 2
*The men appear frustrated and impatient as they glance at their watches. Lorenzo peeks out the window to the circular driveway*
Cara: Looking for someone?
Kade: The women went into town to shop even though the weather is horrible.
Stryker: *checks his phone* It’s hailing in Austin.
Lorenzo:  Let’s go ahead and pick up this interview where we left off. I’m sure the women are fine. They’re all very smart and more than capable of handling themselves.
Lance: That’s not the point, man. They knew we wouldn’t want them going without us. That accident left us a little shaken up.
Cara: Accident?
Lance: Never mind. He’s right. Let’s get this done.
Cara: So much for the naughty rest break the guys had planned. I’m sure they’ll be back soon enough. So the second book in the series, Passion’s Claim is also about Autumn and her arrival at The Brigade. Clearly you didn’t anticipate that, Kade.
Kade: No. She blew my mind in New York and I knew I needed more time with her. I just hadn’t planned on her knowing anything about The Brigade. She had no business here.
Lance: Or so you thought. Good thing we knew better and take action when it’s warranted.
Lorenzo: Destiny carves its own fate.
Stryker: She was so hot and bothered when she pulled up to the security gate. Made me regret missing New York even more.
Kade: *glares*
Stryker: *shrugs* Merely an observation.
Lance: Ignore those two. They have issues from way back thanks to some witch from Kade’s past.
Kade: We aren’t talking about that.
Lorenzo: It’s part of your internal conflict, right? *smiles at Cara* We are here to answer questions. It’s not very helpful to avoid the darker facets of our history. In answer to your question—yes, it did take Kade by surprise. I personally felt some remorse for my role in the deception but it was worth it in the long run. He would’ve done the same thing for any of us.
Cara: Now that you’ve spent some time with Autumn, what would you consider to be her most defining quality?
Kade: Her openness and curiosity. She’s always willing to try something and expand her experiences. I’m a lucky son of a bitch.
Cara: I noticed you all tend to work in specific tandems in the scenes. Kade, you’re typically with Lance in the scenes. And Lorenzo with Chase. Why?
Kade: We discovered early on that we each have a unique style and that unique method of dominance doesn’t always work best with others. We’ve all done enough scenes together to be comfortable with one another but we do have a preference for who we partner with.
Lance: It’s a yin and yang thing.
Cara: How do you decide what sort of scene to do?
Kade: All scenes are negotiations with the submissive. Most of the guests at the resort fill out questionnaires and we know precisely what they are looking for. This gives us an idea who would be the best to work with them. But, with Autumn, none of that was used. We’d spent an evening with her in New York and I didn’t want to treat her like all the other women who flow out of here. She wasn’t a guest.
Stryker: In other words, he was being a stubborn ass and doing everything he could to scare her away.
Lance: *chuckles* Score one for our side.
Kade: There are no sides when it comes to the women. Their pleasure is all that matters.
Lorenzo: Speaking of the women, perhaps we should take a break and go check with Santiago. I bet he knows when they’ll be back.
Cara: *watches as the men all depart* Well, I guess this means we’ll be taking a break. Again.

Ooh, to continue reading this interview of the Pleasure Brigade boys you’ll have to wait until April 19th and visit HERE.


I will be reviewing all the books in this series, but for this tour I begin with book 2.

The Pleasure Brigade is a BDSM club run by several Doms. When Passion's Claim begins, Autumn has had an encounter with Kade, Lorenzo, Lance and Stryker and longs for more. Kade specifically haunts her dreams and secret longings. So when she is invited to the club to see Kade,  a mega hot warm up session with the guys ignites all kinds of unexpected passions.

Kade, for the first time does not want to share his delightful new sub and I can't blame him one bit! Autumn is receptive to him and is like liquid heat in his hands. The question is, can he keep her in this lifestyle? 

I am enjoying this read very much and look forward to starting with the first book where Autumn gets caught snooping on her very sexy neighbor! The Dom's are hunky and at last count, I can't decide who is the hottest. Time to get back to reading and I will let you know! Make sure you add this gem of a series to your bedtime story list! It will most certainly keep you reading late into the night.

Menage, anal play, m/f/m and then some, BDSM, club scene, voyeurism


Cara’s Bio:
Born in small-town Texas, Cara Carnes was a princess, a pirate, fashion model, actress, rock star and Jon Bon Jovi’s wife all before the age of 13.

In reality, her fascination for enthralling worlds took seed somewhere amidst a somewhat dull day job and a wonderful life filled with family and friends. When she’s not cemented to her chair, Cara loves travelling, photography and reading.

More information about Cara can be found at or on

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