Monday, July 2, 2012

Undone Dom by Lila Dubois

Second in the Undone Lovers series.

Alton is the ultimate Master. An expert Dom, he believes BDSM is a lifestyle and trains women to serve in every way. He recognizes Lulu’s submissive nature but his instant attraction is unexpected and unnerving. He vows to take and train her.

Lulu has been curious about BDSM since her friend met and fell in love with a Dom. When Alton comes looking for her, Lulu indulges her greatest fantasy. In Alton’s BDSM training rooms she’s bound, disciplined and above all pleasured, experiences wilder than even her fantasies. But when she goes home at night, she dreams of Alton, not the whips.

Alton’s whole life has been turned upside down. A Master must live by his rules, but with Lulu he’s breaking every one. The Dom who swore that romance had no place in BDSM has to take a crash course in wooing if he’s going to keep the sub who’s got him in knots.

short novel

 I received this e-book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

What I Liked:

This book is the second in the Undone series and is every bit as good as the first one. Lulu was waiting for Alton to return to claim her and boy did he ever. Filled with the friction that comes with a vanilla girl being introduced into the lifestyle of a slave and submissive trainer, this book will add some spice to your day. Light f/f moments add some interesting situations and the instruction of Lulu into the BDSM lifestyle was a nail biter. 

What I Didn't:

I would have loved this book to go on forever. 


If you enjoy BDSM novels, you need to add this book to your collection. A glimpse into the rockabilly world of LA adds a flavor that makes this book full of fashion, flirty fun and some tie me up and spank me action. I can hardly wait for book three! The f/f action was new to this series, as was the almost boogy man presence of Alton, the BDSM trainer that can make any slave a perfect fit for her Master. Delicious...The anal play had me intrigued and a visit to the guest house where Alton has all of his secret toys is just the way to spend an afternoon.

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