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The Cocked & Loaded Giveaway Hop with Alexandra O'Hurley

Welcome to the Cocked and Loaded, Shootin' Stars & Blasting Giveaway Hop!

Thanks to the bloggers that are hosting this great erotica hop. Enter below to win a copy of Deviant Knights by Alexandra O'Hurley.

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Knights of the Temple, 1

Kadence paints images that haunt her dreams, choosing to post them on Deviant Art to share. She’s contacted by the mysterious Michel, a man of wealth and means. He buys her work at substantial prices and demands to meet her. The towering Frenchman then turns on his thick charm.

Michel is not alone. His friend Gabriel is every woman’s fantasy. After the initial shock, she can’t resist their dual charms and chooses to spend one, wild night in their arms.

When their night together is interrupted by a vicious attack, she soon learns the men are more than they seem. They drag her into their dangerous world under the guise of protection, although they do not completely trust her—she is marked by the enemy.


“So I’m right.”  She looked away, but not before he saw the hurt on her face. 
He saw her reflection in the glass window and wanted to ease the ache from her.  His hands moved of their own accord and went to her shoulders, rubbing them in hopes of calming her.  Her body immediately stiffened to the touch, but she slowly melted into his hands.  His gentle ministrations had their desired effect.  A rush of desire swelled through him at the simple gesture, his need to pull her close and ravage her screaming in his ears.
Gabriel knew that Michel would not approve.  Casting a quick glance across the car, he found Michel sitting with his eyes open, quietly watching the interaction between them.  His gaze was hooded, observing seemingly enough to enthrall him.  Their stares met, a look of understanding instantly zipped between them.  They were both slaves to her call.
Gabriel turned again to Kadence, feeling her relaxing further to his touch.  He spied her neck.  Soft tendrils of her coppery hair flowed from the quick chignon she’d put in.  The thin column of flesh was so enticing.  His mouth moved to it of its own accord.  He placed his lips just under her hairline and felt her stiffen once more.  Continuing to massage her shoulders, she melted soon after.
He stole another kiss, laying it tentatively.  She did not stiffen the second time, but rather arched her neck back to better receive his touch.  It was a move of acquiescence and all the permission he needed to venture further.
Moving closer to her, he pulled her back to his chest and gathered her into his arms, kissing the tender flesh of her neck and ear.  Her breathing had quickened, and he felt her rapid heartbeat against his lips.  He pulled away the soft jacket he’d put on her the night before, bearing her further to his tongue.  The ripe swell of her breasts above her bodice could be admired from his vantage point, looking over her shoulder.  He gently cupped the flesh and molded it to his fingers as he tasted every inch of her his mouth could reach.
He lowered one hand to the edge of her dress, pulling it up her creamy thighs.  Her panties were long gone.  They’d cloth her once they reached Monaco.  There had been no time to worry about undergarments on their harried escape. As he pulled the fabric higher, he began to see the shadow of her sex appear.  Breath hitched in his lungs, he needed to see her once more.  Touch her.  Taste her.  As the shaved mound became apparent, he took in air on a hiss.
Once he caught sight of the pink flesh, pearled already with her juices, he could no longer resist.  He lowered himself to the floor, resting on his knees as he widened her thighs, pushing her back to the seat.  Catching her eyes for a brief moment, he lowered his head to sample a little of her bliss.

1. Writing erotica is a challenging thing. You have to seduce the reader with characters that compel, write a story line that rivals any bestseller on the bookstore shelves and still get the sex scenes hot enough to fry and egg on a summer sidewalk. What has been the most challenging thing about it for you?

Some of the early erotic romance titles I'd read weren't much more than the equivalent of porn--lots of sex with a thin storyline--and that bothered me as a reader.  Although there is nothing wrong with sex!  But I wanted to write stories that were interesting and could (hopefully) stand alone without the sexual situations.  The hot sex scenes are just the icing on the cake.  I've only been writing for about five years now, and I know that I still have room to grow as an author, so each book I write is a new challenge.  In Deviant Knights, I wanted to really focus on character development, but also create a backdrop that felt real.  It's slowly getting there.

2. In Deviant Knights, you have Templar knights and a paranormal element. What inspired you to write this story? 

I've always had a fascination for the Knights Templar.  I was a history major and really love historical romances.  But I also love writing paranormal.  This was a way to merge all of that into one package, and I'm really liking the end result.

3. This is the first menage book I have ever read, and I loved it. (Yes, I was reading it at work on my e-reader, with my mouth hanging open in the break room, trying not to grin too broadly or make too many squeaky noises). How hard was it to write a menage scene? 

I love reading menage as it's always been that one fantasy that got me hot and bothered, but I shied away from writing it for my first few books, unsure I'd be able to do it justice.  I jumped in with both feet in my last series, the Berserker Mate's Stories, and it seemed to work.  I've now written seven MFM books, so it's not all that hard at this point.  You just have to envision the whole experience in your mind and remember where everyone's hands and appendages are at each moment :)

4. How many books will be in the series? 

There are currently a total of five planned for the Knights of the Temple series.  Deviant Knights was the Seer's story. We still have the Healer, the Warrior, the Sorceress, and the Princess to come.

5. What other writing projects are you working on?

  I'm writing another Naughty Fairy Tale for the Evernight ongoing series.  I loved writing the first one and I love the idea of twisting those tried and true classics on their ear.

6. Do you write with music or silence? 

More often than not, silence.  I can't concentrate if music is playing.  But on occasion, I will turn on some classical on low just to have some background noise.

7. What is one thing you would tell a writer interested in the erotica genre?  

Sex sells.  The hotter, the better.

8. Awkward moments in writing happen all the time for me, but without humor, where would we be?  What was one of the funniest sex scenes you ever wrote and why? 

I write a humorous character or humorous moment or two into every book.  I love to laugh, but I can't say that any of my sex scenes are funny, per se.  Now, the first sex scene I wrote, I was looking over my shoulder the whole time, waiting for someone to walk into the room and call me a pervert.

9. What are some of your favorite authors- erotica or otherwise?  

I like Katie MacAlister because she makes me laugh.  I love Georgia Fox because she can turn a phrase like nobody's business.  And I love Kresley Cole because she can world-build worlds I want to go live in.

10. What are some of your hobbies when you are not writing?  Hobbies?  When not writing? 

That's call work, eat, and sleep time!  LOL  I still find time to read, of course.  I love to paint, although writing has really put a dent into my time for that.  I really love to travel, and I try to gravitate toward places I want to write about.  One day, when I can write full-time and not have an evil day job, I can have hobbies again.  Until then, it's balls to the wall! :)

Thanks so much Alexandra for being here on the blog today!

When I received a copy of Deviant Knights from the author I was thrilled. Not having really read a menage book before, I admit, I was very intrigued. I started reading and didn't stop until I was dragged away to work and other life essentials. It was that good.

What I Liked:

The voice of the book grabbed me right away. Beginning with the Templar knight and his betrayal, it jumps to modern day and Kadence's meeting with a mysterious art benefactor. I found myself intrigued by the arrangement that followed and sitting there enraptured as the fun began. Great sex scenes, good action and fight scenarios, dialogue that flew and a plot that kept me turning the pages like a woman possessed.

What I Didn't:

Nothing at all.


This book is a great blend of history, a bit of paranormal and a whole lot of sexy menage action. The M/f/M scenarios are delightful and very, very steamy. I think my iPad has tread marks where I turned the pages like a wild woman to get to the next scene.   Alexandra O'Hurley does a great job on this book and I am anxious to read more in this series.

Do you want to win an e-book copy of Deviant Knights? Leave me a comment about your favorite menage book or scenario. One lucky winner will be chosen at the end of the Hop.

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  1. My favorite is Wicked Ties by Shayla Black. Thanks for the chance to win!
    natasha_donohoo_8 at hotmail dot com

  2. I've only recently started reading erotic books with menage so I don't have a favorite. As far as my favorite scenario I like MFM or FMF equally.

  3. Mine has ro be the lora leigh club series...Thanks for giving me the opportunity to meet a new author I just know I will love. Marie Lisk

  4. My favorites are anything by Shayla Black or Sophie Oak. I want to live in their worlds!!


  5. My favorite menage books are by Trista Ann Michaels, Lora Leigh and Shayla Black. I really love the many men who love and care for one woman and it all works!

  6. Georgia Peach by Lena Matthews is really good but then Lora Leigh and Shayla Black can't write a bad book in my opinion!

    Thanks for the contest!!!

  7. Both Shayla Black's and Lora Leigh's menage series are good. Maya Banks wrote a really good one with a woman and three men, but the title escapes me.

    1. I think you are thinking of Colters' Woman

  8. Both Lora Leign and Lorelei James have some great menage stories.
    thanks for participating in the blog hop.

  9. Any of Stephanie Julian's menage books. Goddess in the Middle is the most recent one. LOVED it!

    1. I was thinking of this same one. I really enjoyed it!

      -Amanda P
      Paranormal Romance

  10. Thank you so much for being apart of the hop and Happy 4th of July
    I love any of Crymsyn Hart's menage books, she writes contemporary and paranormal and I love them. Here are a few of her books
    Passion Fur Three
    Solstice Miracles
    Smoke Jumpers
    Storm Riders

  11. Love the interview! I'm a new follower, I hopped over from twitter. =)

    -Amanda P
    Paranormal Romance

  12. I love m/m/f menage stories. I enjoyed Undercover by Lauren Dane.

    geishasmom73 at yahoo dot com

  13. Love Lorelei James books :) Great stories with a little naughtiness are wonderful for the summer!
    brunettelibrarian AT gmAil . c0m
    The Brunette Librarian Blog

  14. I loved Scarlet Widow by Debra Glass! It rocked! Thanks for the great interview and the chance to win!

    molly(@)reviewsbymolly (.)com

  15. I love the Naughty Fairy Tales books. Some of them are menage.

  16. TriMates by Lauren Dane has one of my favorite menage scenes in it. It's probably one of my favorite books in her Cascadia Wolves series.


  17. I love the Powertools series by Jayne Rylon. There are 5 books so far in the series and they have all sorts of ménage scenarios.


  18. My favorite was any Lorelei James book. some of them have great menage stories :)
    Thanks for the contest!!!

    filiafantasy as gmail dot com

  19. My fave from way back is Triad by Lauren Dane -- current fave is anything by Juniper Bell.

    Thanks for the amazing giveaway!
    elizabeth @ bookattict . com
    GFC: BookAttict

  20. I love Lynn Hagen's Zeus Pack series. All of the books are really good. These books are all m/m/m.
    sstrode at scrtc dot com

  21. Sophie Oak's Bliss series has some of my favorite and wonderfully erotic menage storylines.

    Caity_mack@yahoo dot com

  22. I just recently read More by LA was AMAZING :) it's a m/m/m book

    raynman1979 at yahoo dot com

  23. Some of my favorite authors are Lora Leigh and Lauren Dane. I love when childhood friends who loved each other meet again when they're older and the guys seduce the girl.

  24. I would love to read about an all female menage. I'm bi myself, and we are seeing a lot more m/m writings, but far too few f/f/f books.
    yankssssrule08 at yahoo dot com

  25. Thanks for the contest. My favorite book is Dangerous Boys and their Toy by Shayla Black!

  26. Thank you for the contest! I loved Stay With My by Maya Banks!!! She is a great author!!!!

  27. Thanks so much for the giveaway. I don't think I can pick a favorite menage. One author that I love her menages is Eve Langlais. Great menages whether shifters or aliens, or demons/vampires/etc.
    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

  28. I love Take Me by Mackenzie McKade, Tequila Truth by Mari Carr, and Unbridled by Delilah Devlin

  29. Though they are not strictly menage, I love the Wolf Tales series by Kate Douglas. :)
    Thank you for the giveaway. Deviant Knights sounds wonderful, so I would love to win a copy!


  30. Have not read any yet :(
    But I plan on it!!
    imajicasnow - GFC
    @imajicasnow- Twitter

  31. Thanks for the contest
    new series but sound interesting

  32. Any of Shayla Black's books



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