Saturday, July 7, 2012

Temptation in Tartan by Suz Demello

She has to marry a monster.

Rumors have followed the chieftains of Clan Kilborn for centuries. Said to be descended from the Viking berserkers, they are ferocious in battle, known for tearing off the heads of their enemies and drinking their blood.

But English noblewoman Lydia Swann–Williston will marry Kieran, Laird Kilborn, to bring peace to the Kilborn lands after the horror of Culloden and the brutal pacification. A widow, she also brings needed wealth to the clan. For her part, eighteen-year-old Lydia wants children. With her husband killed at Culloden, she will make a new life in the Highlands.

The old chieftain of Clan Kilborn also died in battle, and Lydia hopes the new young Laird will lack his ancestors’ ferocity. That hope will go unfulfilled…

What I Liked:

My favorite scene is when Lydia meets her new husband to be, but she doesn't know it's him. He seduces her to a pool of rampant lust and only then does he reveal his identity. Now that was hot. The tender moments he spends with her, even as she gets punished for not listening to her laird are swoon worthy and the Highland adventure was a whole lot of fun, especially when you add in a clan war and some lusty vampires. 

What I Didn't:

There is a scene where Moira, a young woman of the castle has caused a problem for Lydia and is put in the pillory for all to see her shame as she is beaten on her naked arse. The men take advantage of her and she is repeatedly used. While she apparently has enjoyed all of their company before, this scene bothered me a little. The other scene I didn't care for was the use of anal sex as punishment. Lydia had been used that way by her previous husband, and was scarred by the entire business. Keiran does create a sensual and loving interlude out of it, however and Lydia does begin to not feel like she is being ill used.


The lusty vampires, Scotsmen in their proud kilts and Highland customs made this book very enjoyable. I received a copy from the publisher for an honest review, and I can say that I enjoyed it completely, except for the above scene with Moira and the original anal sex scene. I loved seeing the Scottish Highlands and following Lydia's new life as she discovers that what she heard about Scotland was not at all true. If you like hot erotica, some spanking, anal sex and lots of sensual interludes, then this book is for you. 


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  1. Erzabet, thanks for your honest and thoughtful review. I will note your feelings about the pillory scene, but wonder if such events were common when stocks and pillory were used as punishment. Certainly the book is in line with eighteenth-century values.

    The sequel, which I'm writing now, doesn't contain anything so controversial :)

    Warmest regards,
    Suz deMello


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