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Keyboards and Kink: An Interview with Sandra Bunino

A night at home on the computer doesn’t have to be boring…

Feel like chatting? Or maybe doing something more daring? The stranger reaching out across cyberspace could be a creepy pervert, but what if he wasn’t? What if he’s a vampire, the sexy boy next door, or even your gorgeous boss? Thirteen tales explore all the delicious possibilities when online relationships lead to sexy encounters away from the keyboard.


An Excerpt:

Mia emerged from the bath warmed to her core. The exotic oil mixed with the scent of roses that filled the suite and created a heady potion. She was lightheaded from the lovely scent and dancing candle flames. Every inch of her skin buzzed from the sensual scrubbing Asher gave her just moments before. He wrapped her in a fluffy towel and painstakingly combed her hair until it lay like a silky blanket on her back. Asher exchanged the towel for the crimson robe she had seen earlier that day folded neatly on the bed. The weightless fabric cooled her heated skin. Asher cinched the sash around her trim waist as her nipples hardened from the cool silk against her skin and the anticipation of what was yet to come.

            Asher guided her out of the bathroom. Cupping her face in his palms, Mia could barely breathe as she awaited his kiss, their first kiss. She closed her eyes to intensify the sensation of his lips brushing hers. It was a surprisingly soft and tender kiss. She moaned through parted lips as his warm and inviting tongue invaded her mouth. His fingers combed through her hair first lightly and then with more pressure. He tugged her head back as he gathered her hair together into a ponytail. He pulled back from the kiss but he still had a hold of her hair. She felt him coil her long hair around his palm. Darkened eyes bore into hers as he increased the tension on the ponytail he formed in his hand. Her chin was forced toward the ceiling and she looked away but didn’t say a word.

            “Mia, I want you to look at me, always. Your eyes are so expressive, and it’s the only way I’m going to know how far I can take you.”

            The hold he had on her hair prevented her head from moving; however, she shifted her gaze back to him. His blackened eyes reached deep into her soul. She felt transference of trust and security in those eyes but most of all she sensed desire and possession, which both scared and excited her at the same time.

            With his free hand, Asher traced down her neck and slipped his palm inside her robe. His mouth was suddenly on hers hungrily biting at her lip while he rolled her nipple between his thumb and finger. His day-old stubble burned her lips and cheeks. He released her hair and took both of her wrists into his hands.

            “Are you ready for your first lesson?”

            Mia nodded her head and followed his gaze to the insides of her wrists. His thumbs gently brushed against the sensitive skin just below the inside of her palm.

            “Keep your robe on and lie on your back in the middle of the bed with your hands touching the headboard.”

An Interview with Sandra Bunino:

1. Where did the idea for Keyboards and Kink come from?

The Keyboards and Kink anthology was the brainchild of the fabulous people over at Evernight Publishing. What a perfectly sexy idea for a themed collection of stories!

An author friend of sent me the antho call and my wheels started to turn. My contribution to Keyboards and Kink, The Satin Rose Experience, is the introductory to my new BDSM series based on the exclusive SRE club. We meet Dom Asher Cane and Mia Lavender in this story. Asher convinces Mia to act upon her D/s curiosity though a series of sexy Twitter DM’s.

2. What was the first erotica story you ever wrote?

That would be Marooned in Miami. It’s a strangers-to-lovers erotic novella about two travelers “marooned” in a small upscale Miami hotel during a storm.

3. Writing sex scenes, as I am learning in my own writing, holds some challenges. What is the funniest/most laughable attempt at writing one and why?

I attempted to write a naughty fairytale. Lets just say it was a train wreck. LOL!  It had paranormal elements, which just didn’t work. I’m really not a fan of paranormal romances and should’ve taken my own advice: write what you like. The funniest scene for me was incorporating a peppermint stick into a sexy scene. That scene did work and I’m keeping it in mind for a holiday story. ;)

4. Sexy texting, hot emails and tweeting are aplenty in this collection of great stories. Are you planning on doing another book with your fellow authors?

Yes! I love the camaraderie of working on a project with other authors. I’m a contributor to the upcoming Felt Tips anthology organized by author Tiffany Reisz. It’s the first erotic anthology themed after office supplies with all proceeds going to charity. My story is entitled The Fountain Pen. Let’s just say a CEO finds a loophole in the company’s “Hands-Off” Policy. Look for Felt Tips in December.

5. BDSM in erotica is a dark and delicious flavor. What do you like most about it?

I love the sensual taboo of BDSM. My writing is in the light category of this sub-genre. Pain and discipline is not a turn-on for me so I can’t write it. I’ll leave that to the talented authors who do hard-core BDSM very well. The Satin Rose Experience series will center on the sensual Dominance/submissive dynamic. Readers will find restraints, role-playing and erotic spankings along with a smoking hot love story.

6. What is your favorite type of character to write about? (Dom, sub, switch, Domme)

The Dom, definitely. It’s no surprise that I love Alpha heroes. The men in my stories are generally strong, powerful and Alpha-yummy.

7. What other books have you written?

Readers will follow Jason and Stephanie’s lust to love story in my erotic novellas, Marooned in Miami and sequel, Lusted in Las Vegas. Sara’s Smile is a sweet reunion romance with a lower but still sexy heat level. My new August release, Mia’s Submission is Book One of The Satin Rose Experience series. It’s a continuation of The Satin Rose short story from Keyboards and Kink, although it is a stand-alone book and can still be enjoyed without reading the introduction.

8. What is your current writing project?

I’m writing Books Two, Three and Four of The Satin Rose Experience series. Here’s a teaser: Mafia Princess, May/December romance and Corporate taboo.

9. Name some authors that have inspired your work.

Diana Gabaldon, Emily Giffin and Lynda Chance have all inspired my writing in different ways.

10. Pride and Prejudice or Wuthering Heights?


11. What one thing would you tell someone who was interested in writing erotica?

Read it - lots of it! Understand what works for you and go from there.  

What I Liked:

This book is hot. There are stories for every kind of kink and all from the keyboard. The Satin Rose story is pure delight, with a sensual hint of BDSM at the hand of a masterful dominant male- the kind of story I just can't get enough of. Whether you are a texting fiend or someone who loves to tweet their way to bliss, this group of tales will  help you get your kink on and then some. Vampires, lusty bosses, cyber-sex partners that turn out to be much, much more I loved it!  

What I Didn't:

If it could have been a few hundred pages longer, I would have been a happy girl. I am excited that Felt Tips is coming out in December.


From vampires to uber sexy bosses, this collection will heat up your nights and add some fuel to the kinster fire. From a goddess who learns to live it up with a  foul mouthed hunk, a woman at the office who knows just what her boss really needs-or does she? He takes things well in hand as he punishes her for her noncompliance.

 How about a naughty scientist with a penchant for vibrators, rum and coke and cyber-sex?  Add another story about a cyber-romance that turns hot and bothered and you have hot molten summer night reading that will require air conditioning and lots of ice water by the bed. The fun just keeps going from there. I loved it. 

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