Dirty Dates: Erotic Fantasies for Couples, edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel, will be published by Cleis Press in November 2015. Here’s a hint of what’s inside:
What happens when date night involves a blindfold, a corset, handcuffs or a spanking? The couples inDirty Dates combine kink and romance in this collection of erotic stories that will give you plenty of ideas for your next sexy outing. From “Magic Words” to a “Recipe for Punishment,” these doms and dommes know just how to make their partner bow to their commands. In return, these lucky subs say yes to all sorts of naughty adventures, from play parties to bondage to risqué roleplay and beyond. However they do it, they make getting dirty much more fun than dinner and a movie.
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Here’s the table of contents and introduction:
Introduction: Kinky Is as Kinky Does
The Corset Dorothy Freed
The Swap Jade A. Waters
Slow Burn Morgan Sierra
The World in My Pants Valerie Alexander
Lying Down Kathleen Delaney-Adams
The Rabbit Trap Nik Havert
Closing Time Elise Hepner
A Thousand Miles Apart Tilly Hunter
Switch Mina Murray
The Birds and the Bees Giselle Renarde
Potluck Alva Rose
Magic Words Emily Bingham
Polka-Dot Dress Erzabet Bishop
Baby Steps Justine Elyot
On Location D. L. King
Well Lit Sara Taylor Woods
A Soundproof Room with a View Leigh Edward Gray
Recipe for Punishment Jacqueline Brocker
Cry to Me Skylar Kade
Needles Kathleen Tudor
Admitting It Is the First Step Rachel Kramer Bussel
Introduction: Kinky Is as Kinky Does
What does it mean to be a “kinky couple”? Does it mean both partners hit the dungeon every night—or have one in their home? Does it mean wearing a collar? Does it mean a 24/7 BDSM lifestyle? Yes, yes, yes—and no.
The truth is, like so many aspects of sex, “kinky” is in the eye of the beholder. One half of a couple may be kinkier than the other—in fact, those kinds of stories often yield extremely powerful transformations.
If you were to pass some of these couples on the street, you might peg them immediately as a little bit naughty. Others, you’d stroll right by, without any sort of erotic antennae tuning in. Many of them take pains (pun intended) to hide their kink—or exult in the thrill of maybe, possibly—hopefully—getting “found out.”
The thrill here, what makes these dates “dirty” in the best sense, is the tension between tops and bottoms, doms (and plenty of dommes!) and subs, those craving control and those who desire nothing more than giving up control. Actually, there’s a third category of sub, one who teeters on the edge between giving up and exhorting his or her own control. That fine line is teetered upon perfectly in “Switch,” by Mina Murray, when narrator Cass notes: “He smiles, a sly look that does nothing to warm his eyes. That’s when I start to get nervous.” Keeping a sub on edge is all part of the kinky fun, but Murray makes it clear that this dom’s mastery comes from the heart when he tells Cass of her new chains: “‘I had them made especially for you. With padded cuffs, to protect that creamy-soft skin of yours. See how much I love you?’”
These couples act out their kink in many ways—some at play parties, some outdoors, some long distance. Some do it with bondage, spanking, service, a corset, a look, a location—for many, their instrument of choice is words. Emily Bingham takes one extremely charged word in “Magic Words” and lets readers know exactly what the prospect of saying it does to her character: “The shame is a scalding tickle that takes over every cell in my body. Looking down at his lap to hide from his gaze, I feel more embarrassed than in any naked-in-front-of-a-crowd nightmare. It’s the one word I promised myself I would never say, yet he has managed to make even this taboo titillating, something I want to explore with him. I’m annoyed at myself for being so aroused by this lone, little word.”
What is that magic word? You’ll have to keep reading to find out. There’s a sensual beauty to these stories that I believe will speak to those who practice kink in their lives and those who don’t, because in some ways the tenderness, the charge, the power shifting back and forth between partners, transcends kink. It speaks to ideals of worship, wonder, adoration—from both sides. Even the most sadistic men and women whose worlds you’re about to enter clearly value those they are asking to give them their bodies, their minds, their words, their beings. They are living out their most vivid fantasies with the person they most cherish. I hope you enjoy their dreams, fantasies and explorations, and that they inspire your own.
Rachel Kramer Bussel
Red Bank, New Jersey 
Excerpt from Polka Dot Dress by Erzabet Bishop:

“What do you think? Falsies or mascara?”
Sorcha stood up and eyed the makeup tray. “Oh God. The last time I wore those damned things one fell in my drink.” She shuddered. “Here. Wear this one.” Sorcha handed Justine a tube of lash exploding black mascara. “It’ll make your lashes look bigger without having something looking like a fake spider on your face. You didn’t answer my question.”
Justine aimed the wand at her eye and paused. “If I don’t answer, you can deny all knowledge if she asks you when she comes home with me tonight.” She applied the mascara. “You didn’t glue the falsies down enough. They aren’t supposed to fall off like that.” She chuckled. “Besides, it’s only Pin Up Night, not a beauty contest.” And then next week I’ll be back in my leathers.
“And how do you know?” Sorcha narrowed her eyes. “Jeez woman. I go to clubs in girl wear more than you do.” Sorcha’s gaze grew pensive. “So, are you going to spill about the sudden change in, um style? You could put a rockabilly chick in a permanent coma with the way that polka dot dress is clinging to your boobs. ”
“That’s the point, chica.” Justine winked. She reached for the tray of lipstick Sorcha brought out and paused, undecided. “What color?”
“Oh. Go for this one. The wine red will rock the red in the dress. And those kick ass shoes.” Sorcha picked out a shiny silver tube. “Here. Try it.”
Justine uncapped the tube and set the top on the tray. The lipstick popped up and she slid the sensual red color over her lips in a deliberate swipe.  “How’s that?” She made a moue with her lips and blinked her eyes.
“Hussy.” Sorcha giggled. “Okay. So I won’t ask. You look like you should be baking cookies in someone’s kitchen.”
Justine grinned.  “Now there’s something.