Monday, September 28, 2015

What to Read After Fifty Shades of Grey Sexy Suspense

★★★NOW LIVE★★★
‪#‎WhatToReadAfterFiftyShadesOfGreySexy‬ Suspense is now LIVE!!! Grab your copy today for only ‪#‎99Pennies‬!!!
This great new box set features ten sexy suspenseful reads by a great lineup of authors!!
Love, Lies & Deception by L.P. Dover
Layers Crossed by Lacey Silks
The Undercover Playboy by Miranda P. Charles
Craze by Anne Conley
Fool's Errand / Fool's Game by Grae Lily
Incognito by Katie de Long
Unbound by R.C. Butler
Now and Forever 1, A Love Story by Jean Joachim, Author
Torrid (Parts 1 & 2) by Jayne Blue
The Drinking Game by Chris Redding Author


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Erotic Romance Novels Now Available:
Dazzled by Silver (prequel to the Layers Trilogy)

Crossed (prequel to the Crossed Trilogy)

My First, My Last (a stand alone)

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