Thursday, November 28, 2013

Purr by Paisley Smith

Having been caught kissing a servant girl, Arabella suddenly finds herself shackled and bound for Katzenhalle Villa, where she expects to be forced into servitude. Instead, she discovers the mansion is home to other young women with Sapphic penchants-and good behavior is rewarded with kittenhood. All who reside at the villa dream of donning cat ears and tails and earning status as one of the mistress's "pets." There's one caveat. Romantic entanglements are strictly forbidden, and this poses a problem when Arabella catches the eye of a favored pet, Giselle. Risking discovery, the women indulge their mutual desire, heated looks escalating to thrilling touches with fingers, mouths...tongues. Until Arabella discovers things are not as purr-fect as they seem at Katzenhalle. While breaking the rules may see them punished, the treachery of falling in love may come at a fatal price.

Being sent to a serving house for wayward young women, Arabella has no idea what is really in store for her. I enjoyed this kittenish romp and found myself glued to the story immediately. What would it be like to be taken away if you had deviant tendencies? Arabella is finding out the hard way.

 The sexual tension and wondering who loved whom and where loyalties actually were placed kept me turning the pages. The characters were enchanting and as always, I love a good Paisley Smith book. The f/f elements were tastefully done and I loved the historical elements to this one. 

Fun read!


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