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A Smuterific Interview with Tenille Brown: Smut by the Sea Vol 2

1.    What motivated you to start writing erotica?

I wish I had some awesome and extraordinary story to tell here, but unfortunately it’s your regular old, “I accidentally picked up a naughty book at a flea market when I was a teenager and started putting dirty words into letters to my boyfriend…”  That’s where it began anyway.  My first sell was a story written after I awakened from a pregnancy dream.  I mean, I woke up and wrote the whole thing while sitting in that one spot in bed at six months pregnant, and ended up submitting and selling it to Marcy Scheiner who was editing Best Women’s Erotica at the time.  That was motivation enough.

2. Open your newest release to any spot and tell us what is happening.

Ooh, ok.  I like this one.  So, this sort of chauvinistic guy is haggling his plumber because she’s a female and he doesn’t think she’s cut out for the job.  It doesn’t help that she’s super hot and reads him like the Sunday Times which makes him want her even more.

3. Chocolate cake or angel food?

I like the look and the idea of chocolate, but the taste of angel.

4. Favorite movie?
Something’s Gotta Give

5. What are some of your hobbies when you are not hip deep in writing?

Reading and listening to and collecting music.

6. Plotter or pantster?

Panster, definitely.

7. Favorite ice cream flavor?


8. What was the toughest scene you have ever written?
After ten years in the game, I really had to think about this one…I think the toughest scene wasn’t even an erotic one. And even though I was the one in control of my character’s fate and I ultimately knew what was going to happen it was scary for me.  It was when I wrote in a motorcycle accident for my female character in Speed Bumps Rachel Kramer Bussel’s Fast Girls.  That one was a real nail biter.

9. What kind of erotica do you like to write the most?

I was scared to approach it at first, didn’t think I could do it, but spanking erotica really has grown on me over the years.  Go figure.

10. What's next on your writer line up?

My first anthology, Can’t Get Enough, is due out next year and right now I’m hopping between stories and deadlines just hoping I can finish something.  Cause you know, that’s how I roll.


Tenille Brown’s writing is featured in over fifty print and eBook anthologies including OpenBest Women’s Erotica,Chocolate Flava 1 and 3, Curvy GirlsGoing Down, Best Bondage Erotica 2011 and 2012, Sapphic PlanetSuite Encounters, OpenBest Lesbian Erotica 2013Only You,Sudden Sex, Smut AlfrescoSmut for Chocoholics and the forthcoming Smut by the Sea Volume 2.  She writes for Mischief Books, and has non-fiction included in The Greenwood Encyclopedia of African American WritersHer first anthology, Can’t Get Enough, is due out in 2014 from Cleis Press.




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Smut by the Sea Volume 2: Amazon US

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Fast Girls: Amazon US

Fast Girls: Amazon UK

Excerpt from Patches in Smut Alfresco edited by Lucy Felthouse and Victoria Blisse

The next night before she went to meet Herb, Maretta stood naked in front of her bedroom mirror.  Glancing over various places on her slender caramel colored body, she noticed there were red patches on her rear, on her thigh and on her lower back. She smiled to herself, deciding she liked the look on her.  It reminded her of laying there on the cold, prickly picnic table with Herb the night before, and that there would be a repeat performance in just a few minutes
Herb was sitting on the picnic table’s bench when Maretta got there.  This time he was dressed in carpenter style jeans and a sweatshirt.  Maretta was dressed more appropriately, too, a sweater dress, tights and boots, though this time they knew full well that they would be taking it all off.
‘Well, I’ve showed up for my end of the bargain,’ Maretta said, though she knew it had nothing to do with the bargain.  She wanted one more go with Herb, she couldn’t deny it.  She was becoming addicted to him again, little by little.
Herb hesitated before he spoke.  ‘You might change your mind when you hear what I have to ask you?’
‘We’re asking questions now?’  Maretta was still trying to play it cool.
‘Just one,’ Herb said.  ‘And I’d call it more of a request.’
‘And that is?’
‘I want you to spank me.’  Herb hung his head when he said it.
Maretta bent down closer to him, unsure that she had heard him correctly.  ‘Did I hear you right, Herb?  You want me to spank you?’
‘Yes, you heard right and please don’t patronize me, Maretta.  We can call the whole thing off if that’s what you’re here for.’
‘I’m not here to patronize or to tease, Herb.  You always did like a good spanking, though, didn’t you?’  Maretta rubbed Herb’s shoulders to put him at ease.
She felt him relax the slightest bit, but he was still embarrassed at his revelation.  ‘You don’t have to rub it in.’
‘I’m not.  I’m just surprised, is all.  After all this time, I would have thought you’d find someone to fulfill that particular need for you.’
‘Well, everyone’s not into that type of thing.  And you have to be really comfortable with someone.’
Maretta blinked.  ‘So, you’re saying you were comfortable with me?’
‘Was, and am.  So…will you do it?  There’s a gorgeous pumpkin in it for you, if you will.’
Maretta stood up and put her hands on her hip.  She craned her neck to the side and took all of Herb in.
Then she said, ‘Take off your belt.’
The black leather belt made its familiar noise as Herb unbuckled it and slid it through the loops.  He folded it, holding it by the loose ends and handed it over to Maretta.
‘You know what’s next,’ she said, nodding toward his jeans.
Herb unbuttoned and lowered them.  He was, again, going commando.
Maretta took a moment to admire his high, firm ass.  The pecan brown cheeks were strong as was the rest of his body from manual labor.  He could probably stand more now than he used to. Briefly, Maretta wondered if she was up to the challenge.
Their prior sessions would last for lengthy spans of time, with each requiring a brief reprieve to gather their bearings.  Herb would still want more, even when his rear was burgundy and sore, even when he stood high on his toes from the sting of receiving the strike of whatever instrument he chose for that night.  Floggers were once his favorite.
Now, Maretta slowly pulled the leather through her hands.  It gave a brief, cool burn.  Then she wrapped the buckled end twice around her palm as the belt was extra long and she took a few steps back.
‘Bend over,’ Maretta commanded.
He did, his elbows and forearms resting on top of the picnic table.
Maretta didn’t give any warning.  She just drew the belt back and landed the first stinging strike.
The sound excited her.  She had forgotten what that sounded like, what bringing the belt down on someone’s naked ass felt like.
‘You’re free to scream, you know.  We’re in the great outdoors,’ Maretta said.
And Herb did.  Through clenched teeth, he let loose a vicious grunt when the leather made contact with his skin.
Maretta pulled the belt back, and brought it forth with greater force.  The muscles in his rear end quivered this time, and Herb’s lips parted, letting out a deep throated yell.
Maretta knew Herb and knew that his cries were of pleasure and not of pain.  He bent down farther, sticking his ass out more for her.  So, Maretta gave him what he was so desperately seeking.
It was all coming back to her, the fact that Herb preferred to be surprised rather than to hear or see it coming.  And he liked to be talked to, scolded during the act.
‘Who’s in charge now?’ Maretta asked as she swung high and hard.  ‘Tell me, Herb, who’s the boss.’
‘You are,’ Herb said softly.
‘I can’t hear you,’ Maretta said.
Herb grunted and then opened his mouth wide.  ‘I said, you’re the boss.’
‘You’re damn right.’
Herb was turned on.  Maretta could see it in his rock solid cock, the way it pointed out directly in front of him.
She delivered a series of several more swings.  His ass cheeks tightened against each strike.  Herb’s pleasure fueled Maretta’s delivery and she went faster and harder, the licks sounded off louder into the vast darkness and emptiness of the pumpkin patch.
Finally, Herb gripped the edges of the picnic table so tight that his knuckles turned poked out against his skin.  He was nearing the edge.
‘How much more can you take?’ Maretta asked, and then struck him again with the belt before he had a chance to answer.
He showed her instead, that he’d had enough.  Herb’s knees buckled slightly and he knelt on the bench.  His face was drench in sweat, his cock was still hard.  His breathing was heavy.
Exhausted herself, Maretta dropped the belt onto the ground.  The buckled sounded off when it landed.
‘Thank you,’ Herb said when he caught his breath. 

Thank you Tenille for visiting with us on the blog today! I can't wait to read more of your work! It is an honor to be in Smut by the Sea Vol 2 with you!

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