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Leather and Lust: A Visit with McKenna Chase

1. When you became a writer, did you know you were going to write erotica?

Not a clue.  However, I started reading historical romances where there was a lot of steamy sex and 'bodice ripping' going on at fourteen years old.  I was hooked on romance and passion.  But writing historical romances wasn't my true calling.  I grew up to write contemporary romances with hot, passionate, sexually playful love stories in them.    

2. What are you favorite types of stories? Characters?

I still love my historical romances.  Sarah McCarty, especially her Hell's Eight series, is one of my favorite authors when it comes to historical and very, very sexy romances.  Kallypso Masters is one of my favorite contemporary erotic romance authors.  I am hooked on her Rescue Me series!

3. Chocolate cake or angel food?

Oh, chocolate for sure.  I loooooove chocolate!  But I'd prefer brownies over cake.

4. Cheeseburgers or sushi?


5. What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

Not sure what it's called but it's chocolate with real peanut butter ribboned through it.   (I think I have a chocolate addiction.)

6. If you could go anywhere on vacation, where would you go? 

I went to Grand Cayman on a cruise two summers ago.  Loved it!  I'd go back there in a sec.  The beaches are so white and the water the most gorgeous blue I'd ever seen.  Only I'd want to stay longer than the few hours you get to stay while your ship is in port.

7. Plotter or pantster?

Pantser.  But considering what I write, maybe that should be de-pantser. ;)

8. Open your book to any page and tell us what is happening. 

This is from my erotic romance novella - LEATHER AND LUST.

Choice 1 - My hero, Jackson, is showing Jillian, a true city girl, how a real cowboy loves his woman.  And no part of her is off limits to his lovin'.

Choice 2 - I randomly picked a page and then opened it to see what was going on.  A little cowboy seduction.  :)  Here's a piece of that scene:

“I need to taste you,” her cowboy warned as his mouth moved down the flat expanse of her stomach.

 Her pulse flittered wildly as his lips skimmed over the sensitive flesh in teasing kisses.  Her legs parted wantonly.  “Jackson...”

 “I know, darlin’.”  Edging his fingers under the waistband of her thong, he tugged lightly, drawing the sliver of silk up between the slick lips of her pussy.

  Jillian squirmed needily.  He was driving her crazy.  “You.  I want you there instead.”

  He slipped a finger beneath the damp silk to stroke her.  “Damn, you’re wet.  So very fucking wet.”

9. What was the hardest scene you ever had to write and why?

The only thing I've ever found hard in the stories I write are the men.  <g>  Seriously, I enjoy writing sexy stories.  I haven't had any particular scene that I can recall that was hard to write for one reason or another.  Hopefully it stays that way.

10. What is next on the writing horizon for you?

I'd like to get the third book done in my Little Bit of Kink series.  I've had a lot of requests for connected books to my other erotic romances that I might work on as well.


Author Bio:  Award-winning author, McKenna Chase, attributes her passion for penning hot, sexy romances to her husband of over twenty years. Having found her very own hero, she sets out to give her heroines their very own happily ever after as well. And the journey to get there promises to be filled with lust, laughter and longing.

Excerpt from LEATHER AND LUST:

  The woman groaned.  Her cherry red lips formed a pout that drew his gaze to her incredibly full mouth and held it there.  He found himself fighting tooth and nail against the urge to kiss that frown away.  To taste those lips.  His lustful reverie didn’t stop there.  He imagined those same lips wrapped around his cock, sliding up and down the length of it until he came long and hard.  But she wouldn’t stop there. She’d draw him into her mouth again and again until she’d suck him dry.

  Jackson bit back a groan, his body responding almost painfully to the fantasy.  Hell.  The last thing he needed to do was entangle himself with some high-strung city girl.  The kind who blew sickening amounts of money on fake hair, fake nails and fake tits to go along with their fake personalities. He’d already been there, done that.  Would never do it again.

  “Do you think I might trouble you for a ride?”

  His cock thumped.  Giving her a ‘ride’ was all he seemed to be able to think about.  Jackson gave himself a mental head slap. Get your mind out of her pants, Burke.

  “Sure.  Come on,” he said with a nod as he turned and started back toward his truck.
  Jillian smiled for the first time since her rental hunk-of-junk broke down in the middle of ‘cow country’.  The dark-eyed stranger who’d come to her rescue had the sexiest smile she had ever seen.  He was exactly the kind of man she was drawn to.  Desired. 

  But he’s not a cowboy, she reminded herself, her smile fading.  She refused to allow herself to revert back to her old ways.  No suit and tie hottie for her this trip.  Even if he wanted her.  And want her he did.  She’d seen the push of his straining cock beneath his suit jacket.  Seen the hunger in his eyes as his gaze slid over her.

  Her own gaze shifted to the man’s back and those broad shoulders as he walked back to his truck.  He was tall and lean, and, judging by the fit of his suit jacket, quite muscular.  A rush of warmth moved through her to settle between her thighs, making her pussy ache. 

Don’t even think about it.  You came all the way out here to find a rough and tough, fuck me like there’s no tomorrow cowboy. Not another sexy, nine-to-fiver in a business suit.

  Slipping off her other heel, she followed him, treading lightly in her bare feet. 

  Her rescuer rounded the truck and opened the passenger door as turned to face her.  “Give me your hand,” he said, the low timbre of his voice making her want to give him more than just her hand.   She stepped up to him, hesitating.

  “It’s a ways up there,” he said with a nod toward the bench seat.

  Jillian looked up at her rescuer.  He towered over her, something she found both intimidating and arousing.  Her gaze slid down the front of him to the fly of his pants where his outstretched arm caused his jacket to part.  There, beneath the charcoal grey cloth, his cock thrust out with impressive force.

  The man cleared his throat, bringing a rush of warmth to her cheeks. 

  She hurried to reach for his extended hand.  Only he pulled away with a grin and caught her by the waist, lifting her effortlessly up onto the leather seat of his truck. 

  His face was only inches from her breasts as he leaned into the cab.  His nearness evoking all sorts of sexually charged thoughts.  Like what it would be like to have him turn her to face him, dragging her to the edge of the seat as he parted her legs.  Of his fingers yanking her panties aside and his tongue thrusting deep inside the lust-swollen lips of her wet pussy.

  “You smell really good,” he said as he backed away to close the door.

  So do you, she thought as she breathed in the lingering spicy scent of his aftershave. One she didn’t recognize, but liked immensely. 

  “I’m so glad you came by,” she said as her far too sexy, dark-haired rescuer slid onto the seat beside her, tossing his suit jacket onto the seat between them.  “I was beginning to think I was going to have to spend the night alone on the side of the road.”

  He gave the key in the ignition a sharp twist and the engine roared to life.  Then, he turned to face her, draping an arm across the seat behind her.  “Lucky for you I cut my business trip short a day.  Otherwise, you would have.  This is the road to my ranch.  No one else uses it.”

  She eyed him in disbelief.  He didn’t look like a man who would put down roots on a piece of land out in the middle of nowhere.  “You own a ranch?”

  “Last time I checked.”

  “Are you telling me you’re a cowboy?”

  He laughed.  “I suppose you could say that.”

  Her gaze moved over him again as he sat there grinning at her.  “Where are your hat and spurs?”

  “Spurs?”  He raised a dark brow, yet the humor remained in his dark eyes.

  “You know, the whole cowboy getup - tight jeans, dark hat worn low on your brow, boots, spurs, the works.”

  “You didn’t happen to smoke any of that grass that left those stains on your skirt, did you?”

  Jillian glanced down at her favorite travel suit and frowned.  It was irreparably ruined.  She looked up at the so-called cowboy beside her with a frown.  “No, I didn’t.”

  “Sorry,” he said, sounding sincere.  “I wasn’t trying to be a smart ass.  I just find it funny that some people still believe real cowboys spend their days in cowboy hats and spurs.”

  Okay, so maybe that was her preconceived image of a cowboy.  But cowboys didn’t go around in business suits either.  Why would they?  The man beside her had to be a cowboy wannabe.  He wore his suit way too well not to be.  And the strong attraction she felt towards him was a dead giveaway.  He was a suit and tie guy.  Definitely her type, but not the type she was looking to seduce on this trip.  She had to get to the dude ranch where she’d have her choice of genuine hot blooded cowboys.

  “I’ll keep that in mind.  Anyway, thank you for stopping to give me a ride, Mr., uh...”  She paused, realizing that she didn’t even know his name. 

  He flashed a sexy grin that made her grateful she was sitting down.  “Jackson Burke,” he supplied, extending a large hand.  “And you are?”

  “Jillian Summers.”  She held out her hand but stopped before making contact with his much larger one.  “I’ve got grease on my hand.  I’d hate to get you dirty.”

  He reached for it anyhow.  “That’s okay,” he said with a grin. “I don’t mind getting a little dirty once in a while.”

Thanks for coming to visit on the blog today! Can't wait to start reading Leather and Lust!

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