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Go Fang Yourself by Billie Dale ~ A Cursed All Hallows' Eve Author Spotlight Interview @author_bdale #CursedHallowsEve




Together they fight the tide to save the free.

Daughters of Odin Fated to be.

When Fate insisted my sister and I attend Silver Lake College, the brochure failed to mention a life-altering prophecy, a world saving destiny and a sinfully delicious vampire who is not only the harbinger of said prophecy, but also my mate.

Elon Ford is the man you want to devour. Turns out he wants to taste me too.

This foggy, no-sun, no-fun depressing university is filled with so much more than young adults craving education.

Discovering vampires are real sends me tripping into the drink and BAM I’m amped up with super strength, a grocery list of freaky abilities and a can-do attitude.

My twin is next to take a dip. Where I’m bolster and action, she’s reasoning and empathy.

On Halloween Carissa Dumain, self-proclaimed Queen of the Vampires, is leading the charge to the apocalypse and the end of humanity as we know it.

I have a handful of weeks to wrap my head around sharing the spirit of a Norse god, maneuvering a body I no longer recognize, and saving my sister... Nope, none of this was in the brochure.

We are Nicole and Ranissa Noden’s.

We are the Daughters of Odin.

We are The Sisters Who Slay.


I’m as confused as a person who looks up Watermelon Sugar in the Urban Dictionary. The pros and cons in my head weeble wobble like a teeter-totter. 

Instant love. 

The sheer notion sets my teeth on edge. Hell, I don’t even want to read a romance novel where the couple jumps ass over elbows upon meeting. Yet, here I am living it in Technicolor. 

What eighteen-year-old woman doesn’t want a sin-personified vampire to go all swoony? I mean Vampire Diaries, Twilight, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, True Blood, Lucifer. I think we all can agree we’d offer vampy Ian Somerhalder our necks on any day ending in Y. Elon Ford makes Ian look like a poop emoji. A cute smiling pile of shit. 

It’s a simple kiss. One meshing of lips, maybe a bit of tongue, and BAM his intensity vanishes, allowing us to unlock the mystery of what happened at the lake without my friends wanting to hump his leg. I can ignore how it hitches my wagon to an undead masterpiece worthy of display in the Louvre. 

Where can readers find Go Fang Yourself?

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Hello and welcome, readers! We have Billie Dale here with us today Billie, thanks for visiting us.

How long have you been a writer and how did you come to writing?
I released my first book in 2017. The story had been in my head for years and I guess I finally decided to listen and put it on paper. I’d already been a blogger for about four years so I knew a few basics about indie publishing and decided to take the leap.

Tell us about your title featured in: A Cursed All Hallows’ Eve
Go Fang Yourself is a quirky look at twin sisters imbued with the essence of the Norse God, Odin and how they must save the world while dealing with life as eighteen year old college freshman. 

How did you come up with the storyline?
Paranormal is by far my favorite genre to write because the only limits are those within your imagination. With enough creativity you can build whatever kind of world you want. Plus, I wanted to do something outside the box thus why I chose Norse mythology instead of Greek or Roman. It’s actually inspired by my nieces, Nicole and Ranissa two kick ass women who I’m very proud of. 

What inspires you to write?
Movies, television, books, life. Everything around me sprouts ideas for new stories. Not all see the light of day but I’m always plotting. 

Tell us about your other books:
My first foray is a series titled The Reigh Witch Chronicles. Four books centered around a mother and her daughters dealing with the discovery that they are witches.

Next, I took on fairytales. My fairytale fantasy series is all the stories we know such as Hercules, Snow White and Maleficent but I promise these are not the bedtime tales we grew up with. They are funny and full of steam with sassy women and smoking hot men. 

Then I completely jumped ship and wrote a suspense thriller that will totally blow your mind. Ravyn is an absolute mind bender with a jaw dropping ending.

Currently I’m in working on the last in a New Adult/Second Chance Romance trilogy of standalone reads set in the small town of Seven Mile Forge. Wannabe More and Say You’ll Be There are filled with secrets, first love and redemption. 

Where can readers find you?

About the Author: 

Billie Dale lives in no-where middle earth. Lost in a small village in the Midwest with three adult kids and one teenage daughter, three animals and an amazing, swoony book boyfriend worthy husband. 

A blogger by nature and a writer because she got tired of arguing with the voices in her head. She lives the words on the page, whether writing them or reading them her life is consumed with thoughts and ideas. 

Her greatest wish is for readers to fall in love with her words as much as she enjoys writing them. 

Paranormal, New Adult, Romantic Comedy, Contemporary — there is not one box she fits in. She’s a rebel with a keyboard, who writes what her head tells her even it jumps from genre to genre.

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