Friday, June 21, 2019

Now Available: The Curse Workers Montelier Supernatural Academy Books 1-3 by USA Today Bestselling Author Erzabet Bishop #shifters #witches #urbanfantasy #vampires @erzabetbishop @naughtynightspr

Now available from USA Today Bestselling Author Erzabet Bishop!

Curse Workers: Montelier Supernatural

 Academy Books 1-3

#Read #free in Kindle Unlimited!

The dead don't speak...or do they?
Arcane magic roams the streets of Salem and only the strongest will survive. Enter a world of witches, vampires, shifters, demons, and Nephilim where both good and evil can be found hiding within the mist and shadows behind the spelled doors of the Montelier Supernatural Academy.

Something wicked this way comes.
When witchling Mari is attacked outside of her job, she must decide to become a vampire or fade away forever...

The bones of the dead speak to owl shifter Merryn, and what they tell her shakes her to the core.

A founding witch of Salem, Bridget is betrayed by those closest to her, and her fate is forged forever.

When Laurel's Alpha female is murdered, her world is upended and now only James can save her.

Recommended 17+ due to language and sex scenes.


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